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Custom Protocol Analysis And Interface IP Core Design Based On Gigabit Ethernet

Posted on:2020-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330575954851Subject:Instrument Science and Technology
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In order to realize the efficient and reliable communication between large data volumes,gigabit Ethernet is adopted as the data transmission interface in this thesis.On the one hand,a custom protocol of application layer is designed to ensure the high efficiency,high speed and high reliability of data transmission.On the other hand,based on the interface hardware program design,this paper proposes to complete the modular design through the packaging of IP core and take it as the hardware foundation of interface data transmission.Finally,relevant tests are completed to verify its efficiency,speed and reliability performance.In this thesis,the design of gigabit Ethernet data communication interface is completed on the basis of TCP/IP model,physical layer hardware circuit design as the test premise and network layer and transmission layer protocol as the protocol basis of data communication.Firstly,the organization of custom protocol frame format is completed within the scope of application layer.In terms of data packet integration,jumbo frame data is adopted to complete the data organization and realize efficient data transmission.Then,through protocol design such as communication verification,data retransmission and feedback confirmation,data transmission is optimized to ensure its transmission reliability.By comparing error detection and error correction type verification,CRC error detection type verification is selected as the communication verification method,and the design of data retransmission and command feedback confirmation is completed based on the custom protocol frame format.At the same time,the retransmission mechanism and TCP retransmission mechanism are analyzed and compared to obtain the application occasions of the two retransmission mechanisms.Finally,the hardware program design for the interface is completed.The program design for the network layer,transmission layer and MAC layer is realized,and the IP core encapsulation is carried out to complete the modular design.In the end,the performance test of the communication interface is completed through the test.The test shows that the interface can normally complete the jumbo frame transmission task.When using 9000-byte jumbo frame data for data transmission,the transmission speed can reach 960Mbps;Through comparative analysis of the transmission efficiency,When 100 frames of data are transmitted,it is found that the transmission efficiency of 9000 byte jumbo frame is about 10~7 bytes more than that of 1010 byte ordinary frames per second.After a long time data measurement test,there is no error,and the transmission reliability is guaranteed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Gigabit Ethernet, Custom protocol, Jumbo frame, Resend, IP core
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