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Research And Implementation Of College Online Course Selection System Based On JMS Middleware Technology

Posted on:2020-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X WenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330590459374Subject:Electronic and communication engineering
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With the deepening of the infromatization process and the increase in the number of students brought about by the expansion enrollment in colleges,students in the course of course scleetion,the traditional B/S architechture of the course selection under the impact of high concurrent requests,due to limited database processing capacity,the system has accumulated A large number of waiting threads,eventually causing the system to slow down or even run out of resources.Cooventional solutions typically use high-performance databases of build server clusters and load balance them to increase processing power.However,most the time,the course selection system does not have much traffic,and a large number of servers or high-performance databases will be idle as a waste of resourees.Therefore,this paper ptoposes a college course seleetion system based on JMS message-oriented middleware technology as a solution to the high concurrency problem in college course selection scenario,Firstly,this paper gives the overall design of the course Selection based on JMS message-oriented middleware,and gives the performance indicators besides the routine course selection information management funetion.At the same time,it puts forward that the message-oriented rniddleware should satisfy the functions of current limitation and reliable storage for high concurrent scenarios.Secondly,the message-oriented middleware WMQ is implemented on the basis of meeting the JMS(Jave Message Service)speeifieation,Inorder to solve the problem of message backlog caused by mismatched processing ability,the current Iimiter is designed by using the token bucktet algorithm commonly used in high concurrent scenarios,which providcs the flow control function for WMQ To improve reliability of the system,the message is persisted and designed in file form.It imlemer persistent index and file structure;The thread management funetion is provided to support multi-client connection and operation;In addition,log and event listening functions are provided;Finally,it implements online course selection system based on Springboot framework and further improves the system performance with Redis caching technology,and tests online course selection system based on JMS message-oriented middleware technology.The test results show that the college course selection system based on JMS message-oriented middleware supports 5000 people online at the same time,30000 requests concurrent operation,the peak TPS(transactions per second)is about 9500/sec,the average TPS is 3925.7 req/s,the average request processing time is 214 ms,the total processsing time of 30,000 requests is 8 s,and the reliability is 97.75%.All functions of the system are used normally and the performance is good.
Keywords/Search Tags:Message-oriented middleware, Message queue, Java Message Service, High concurrency
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