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Design And Research Of Message Transmission System Based On Message Queue

Posted on:2010-12-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C J YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360275472825Subject:Education Technology
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With the rapid development of informative network, most universities have set up their own application systems and resource systems. These systems make significant contribution to the school informatization, however, these systems were established under different situations how to realize manipulation and resource sharing among these systems has become the problem for the development of university informatization. Meanwhile, more and more complicated network environment put greater technical difficulty for distributed network communication. According to the present problems, this subject made a tentative research on establishing a middleware for message queue,which was message transmission sytem , aiming at solving the resource sharing in different systems.This subject mainly researched on message transmission system and implemented its main functions. The system consisted of connection module, system configuration module,queue management module,safety module, log pattern module,performance management module and recovery module. The connection module implemented the communication between message transmission system and application programs. It defined a group of API to fulfill the use of application programs. The system configuration management module mainly configured parameters of system function with flexibility. The queue management module was in charge of receiving and sending message; The safety module could encrypt and decrypt transmitted information; The log pattern module could record as well as archive transmitted information and crucial events;The performance management module could optimize the system performance; The recovery module could restore the system as long as there were something wrong with it.First, message transmission system realized connections based on different communication protocols, and provided three kinds of connection strategies including TCP protocol,UDP protocol and SCTP protocol. SCTP protocol could offer much better capability in transferring streaming media files. Message transmission system also provided three kinds of object poolings with different functions: connection object pooling,receiving queue object pooling and sending queue object pooling. The use of these object poolings could decrease resource spending caused by system creating and deleting objects continually. This system realized database conection object pooling by using CMAP. CMAP could keep results of database queries in memory in form of hash-table. Users could have great promotions in searching efficiency by searching data in memory.
Keywords/Search Tags:Message Queue, Message Oriented Middleware, SCTP
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