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Research On Multi-industry Communication Protocol Conversion System

Posted on:2020-03-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330590477211Subject:Software engineering
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With the rapid development of the computer in our country,the computer has been widely used in the field of industry.The control of the local area network also goes deep into the field of automatic control.Many control systems in the present industry can not satisfy the original single control method Equipment management and control.With the rapid development of computer communications industry,in order to effectively centralize the automation of automation systems in the system,these devices need to be integrated into a unified management platform in order to achieve centralized remote monitoring and management.Since different types of automation devices of different manufacturers may not be able to directly communicate with each other,they may not be able to implement centralized and unified platform management without adding a communication protocol converter.Many devices in the industrial field use different communication interfaces.RS-232,RS-485,CAN and networks are commonly used.Due to the incompatibility of protocols of various communication structures,it is difficult to exchange information and operate between heterogeneous networks get on.Therefore,protocol conversion system for industrial communication is particularly important.This article describes the embedded smart protocol converter works,hardware design and software design.The protocol converter successfully solved the problem of communication between many different control networks.Multi-industrial communication protocol conversion system design steps are as follows: The first step,the resolution of all major industrial communication protocol to find out the characteristics of which data transmission.The second step,based on the ARM9 chip,make a running communication protocol conversion system hardware.The third step,using the characteristics of embedded systems,rational building LIUNX system,make the appropriate BootLoadder.Mixed with C language and assembly language to prepare a smart communication protocol conversion system.The multi-industrial protocol converter designed in this system also adds USB interface design.USB Universal Serial Bus is the development trend of industrial equipment peripheral interface,will gradually replace the RS232 protocol serial port.As a result,many traditional automation devices with RS232 interfaces will face the problem of converting to USB interfaces.Nowadays,a large number of RS485 communication devices are used in the automation industrial field.The distance between RS485 communication is more than 1200 m,and multiple external devices can be mounted.The disadvantage is that the transmission speed is slow,the support of the card is required,and the cost High,installation trouble and so on.USB communication just can make up for the lack of RS485 communication,but the lack of USB transmission distance just can be replaced by the advantages of RS485,so the combination of the two can achieve the advantages of each other to produce a high-speed,reliable,low-cost Transport data exchange system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Protocol Converter, RS232 Protocol, RS485 Protocol, USB Communication, Serial Port, Embedded, ARM9
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