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Research On The Credit Risk Control Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprises Based On Supply Chain Financial Model

Posted on:2019-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the reform and opening up,small and medium-sized enterprises have developed rapidly and played an important role in the operation and development of national economy.However,they have been troubled by financing difficulties and high financing costs for a long time due to the factors such as asset size,operation and management level,financial status and collateral quality.With the economic development and innovation of financial products,supply chain finance emerges,which effectively integrates the core enterprises in the supply chain with upstream and downstream enterprises,comprehensively evaluates the operation of the entire supply chain,and promotes the credit rating of SMEs based on the good credit of core enterprises.Supply chain finance dependent on core enterprises and the entire supply chain can effectively reduce credit risks,but it cannot completely eliminate the risks.Banks and other financial institutions must consider various risks when they issue loans,especially the credit risk of SMEs,to increase their operating income.This article first combined with the development status of supply chain finance in China to describe the research background and significance and systematically review the studies by Chinese and foreign scholars on supply chain finance and credit risk.Second,it made an in-depth analysis of supply chain finance theories,and on this basis it combined with the concept and development status of supply chain finance to research its characteristics.Third,based on the concept and form of credit risks of SMEs,it analyzed their characteristics and causes and researched the control method.Fourth,it analyzed the development status and specific procedures of supply chain finance business of,Y Bank and Ali Finance,summarized their methods to control the credit risks of SMEs,and compared their advantages and disadvantages.At last,the article proposed strategies on credit risk control of SMEs-under the supply chain finance model from four perspectives,namely core enterprises,banks,logistics enterprises and SMEs.For core enterprises,the management of supply chain should be strengthened;for banks,the real-time supervision of loans and emergency handling should be reinforced,for logistics enterprises,the management of logistics,information and collateral should be increased,and for SMEs,their management should be improved and their comprehensive strength should be enhanced,which can effective control the credit risks of SMEs.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply Chain Finance, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Financing, Credit Risk Control
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