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Research On Credit Risk Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprises Of Supply Chain Finance

Posted on:2016-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330461461181Subject:Business management
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The development of small and medium-sized enterprises in China is related to the employment of the whole society and people’s livelihood, however small and medium-sized enterprises to enjoy the economic resources shortage, often bring to the operation and development of the enterprise. Small and medium-sized enterprise financing difficult problem is in the process of economic development in China has not been able to completely solve the problem, this is not just small and medium-sized enterprise own problems, also includes the system of industry, Banks, and a series of factors. Supply chain finance as a new financing way, in the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises play an important role. Financing model is based on the industrial chain of financial supply chain with core enterprise as the main body in the risk insurance, use of small and medium-sized enterprises from sex for collection and effectively reduced the risk in the process of financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, has been widely used in domestic and foreign commercial banks. But with the implementation of the supply chain business, the credit risk problem also gradually increasing. So it is necessary to establish an effective financial risk index evaluation system of supply chain, reduce the frequency of credit risk, reduce risk loss, and promote the development of supply chain finance and perfect.This article first start from the basic concept of supply chain finance and financing mode, expounds the operation mechanism of financial supply chain and supply chain financing, and in-depth analysis the reasons of the existence of risk from concept layer and forms. Secondly, the article analyses the supply chain finance credit risk identification and assessment method, on the basis of existing research results, based on the comprehensive risk management theory to build the dynamic evaluation index system, the financial risk of supply chain according to the supply chain financial model access, make risk early warning, beforehand, respectively, set up a corresponding dynamic two-phase risk evaluation index system, and according to actual business data, using the analytic hierarchy process(ahp) and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method for empirical analysis. Finally, the paper according to the result of the assessment of the risk index put forward the corresponding suggestions and measures, to help the run on a new round of supply chain finance provides certain reference and application value.
Keywords/Search Tags:supply chain finance, small and medium-sized enterprises, analytic hierarchy process(ahp), index system, Credit risk, dynamic evaluation
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