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Research On The Business Transformation Of China's Commercial Banks Under The Supply-side Structural Reform

Posted on:2019-07-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China's economy is currently in the stage of high-quality development,the economy is restructuring and upgrading,but there is still a serious structural imbalance between domestic supply and demand,which causing the excessive supply can not adapt to the diverse needs,therefore our government put forward structural reform on the supply side to create a new impetus for economic development.Under the impact of the supply-side structural reform,which includes the purpose of "three reduction-one drop-one supplement",the demand for credit and the quality of assets in China's commercial banks have been declining,the deposits of residents also began to move.But the reform has also brought a certain development opportunities for commercial banks,such as under the background of "capacity reduction" and"deleveraging",there is a financing business opportunity from the emerging industry,the business structural adjustment opportunity from the real estate market regulation and "inventory reduction",and opportunity for developing business of small and medium sized enterprises under the background of covering the financial supply short board.As the funds and credit intermediary in the financial market,banking industry should take its social responsibility under the supply-side structural reform,change the current situation of backward financial supply,and adapt to the new financial needs througn the transformation of business mode,as well as the innovation of products and services.The business transformation of commercial banks should be carried out by three concepts,which includes the real finance and inclusive finance,the technological finance and innovative finance,as well as the green finance.Commercial banks should implement their business transformation through developing the investment-loan linkage business in the aspect of assets;developing the trade banking and interbank liability business in the aspect of debt;developing the "light bank" which bases on the low capital consumption in the aspect of intermediary business;and combining physical branches with the Internet finance in the distribution channel.China Merchants Bank is the national joint-stock commercial bank,its business transformation practices which under the environment of reform will provide better experience and inspiration for other banks.such as the credit assets compression in over-capacity industries and regions,exporting the enterprises'excess capacity by providing cross-border service;setting up affiliated asset management company as an implementation agency to prepare debt-for-equity swap and carrying out investment-loan linkage business to reduce the financial leverage of enterprises;building its own trade banking system and a unique brand named "thousands of eagle wings" to service the technological and innovate enterprises,and the development of consumer finance to cover the short board of financial supply.So in the environment of the "three reduction-one drop-one supplement",commercial banks in our country should carry out the corresponding business transformation concepts and the aspect of asset business,banks should improve the credit business from two aspects of "quantity" and "quality",such as taking the measures of "maintaining and compression",and improving credit elements and processes;upgrade the cross-border financial services to optimize the capacity structure,such as providing cross-border services to help enterprises export excess capacity,and bringing overseas financial resources into the emerging fields of green industry.In the aspect of debt business,in order to obtain stable source of funds,our commercial banks should embrace the Internet finance to gather the "long tail" customers and construct its trade banking system to precipitate settlement funds.In the aspect of intermediary business,they should carry out the "light bank" strategy and establish the characteristic brand to develop a high level intermediary business mode.In the channels of distribution,they should innovate the financial technology to develop the consumer finance business.Only by adopting a series of business transformation measures,can commercial banks in our country support the supply-side structural reform better,and the banking industry will develop new profit growth points.
Keywords/Search Tags:The structural reform of supply-side, "Three reduction-One drop-One supplement", Adjustment of credit policy, Trade banking system
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