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The Threshold Effect Of Fiscal And Financial Policy On Technological Innovation Of Wind Power Industry

Posted on:2019-11-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2429330566963606Subject:Quantitative Economics
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Technological innovation plays a vital role in promoting the development of wind power industry.Because of the complexity and uncertainty of the technological innovation process,with the rapid development of science and technology and the shortened product cycle,the society can hardly rely on the strength of the enterprise itself to complete the technological innovation and innovation deepening.Therefore,our government starts from both inside and outside,and adopts fiscal policy and financial policy to promote the development of technological innovation.Previous studies have studied the relationship between fiscal policy and technological innovation from a linear perspective,and reveal the influence of government subsidies on technological innovation.However,there are few studies on the relationship between financial policy and technology innovation,and it does not reveal whether there is a nonlinear relationship between policy and technological innovation and the factors affecting the effect of policy implementation.The fundamental reason is that previous studies are often confined to the role of fiscal policy on technological innovation,without considering the complementary relationship between financial policy and fiscal policy,and not revealing the mechanism of the effect of policy on technological innovation and the resulting differences in results.The results of this study show that:(1)there is a threshold effect between fiscal policy,financial policy and technology innovation of wind power industry,and there is an optimal interval.Only the government subsidy or the amount of bank credit in a certain range can promote the innovation of the wind power industry to the maximum extent.(2)The effect of the combination of fiscal policy and financial policy on technological innovation is better,and the effect of fiscal policy on technological innovation is greater than that of financial policy.(3)The intensity of policy will have an impact on the effect of policy implementation,and there are threshold characteristics.When the policy intensity needs to break through a certain critical value,the policy will be truly effective(4)The performance of the enterprise and the scale of the enterprise will have an impact on the effect of the policy implementation,and there is a threshold characteristic.There is no threshold effect between the solvency of enterprises and the effect of policy implementation,but the solvency of enterprises is negatively related to the effect of fiscal policy implementation,the worse the solvency of enterprises,the worse the effect of the implementation of the policy.The innovation points of this article are concentrated in the following three aspects:(1)in theory,this paper introduces financial policy on the basis of the influence of government fiscal policy on technological innovation,and examines the collocation effect of fiscal policy and financial policy,and explores the effect factors of the implementation of the policy from the state and the enterprise level,and the influence of policy on technological innovation is deepened.The research on the influence of the policy on technological innovation has widened the theoretical thinking for the influence of the policy on technological innovation.In terms of methods,in order to measure technological innovation,the entropy weight method is used to sum up the technical innovation index,and the whole process of technological innovation is measured since the comprehensive index of technological innovation is formed,and the evolutionary game theory is used to discuss how the policy decision of the government affects the technological innovation of the enterprise.(3)In practice,this paper shows that the policy intensity,enterprise scale and enterprise performance are the key factors that affect the effect of policy implementation,which is beneficial to the government's choice of the target of policy support and to grasp the policy intensity when making policy.This provides a guarantee for better implementation of the policy.
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