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Research On The Application Of Video Materials In The Classroom Teaching Of Chinese As A Foreign Language

Posted on:2020-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2435330578960455Subject:Master's degree in Chinese International Education
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With the rapid development of science and technology,multimedia technology has been applied to various fields with the leap of the Internet.Therefore,the application of multimedia to teaching has become a routine teaching method.As a form of collecting multiple media,video material has become a major resource in people's lives in today's society.Its types are diverse,including film and television programs,documentaries,micro-videos,flash animations,and so on.Video material creates information through real and interesting pictures,uses different languages,plays the role of information exchange and disseminates information,vividly shows the process of the development of characters or things,and enables viewers to organize according to their own purposes and cognitive characteristics.Information,with ideological links to video content.In the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language,watching video material has become one of the learning styles that learners love.Video materials are gradually regarded as an important language teaching resource and one of the ways to practice language.However,video materials also have a lot of precautions in the process of use,such as what factors need to be considered in the content selection of video material content,whether the video material can fully match the overall teaching.The role of video material in language teaching,etc.,the specific application of video material,etc.,so how to fully and effectively use this resource in the classroom of Chinese international education,this question is very meaningful and will be for Chinese.Teacher teaching has a guiding issue.This article is divided into four chapters.The introduction is divided into three parts.The first part expounds the background of the research work and the original intention of choosing the topic.The second part is to explain the practical significance and method of the research based on the current situation of the development of Chinese as a foreign language.The third part is the literature review at home and abroad.The second chapter is about the development of video material,expounding the definition,classification and characteristics of video material;the necessity of video material in non-native language teaching;the feasibility basis of video material in teaching Chinese as a foreign language;The third chapter is mainly about the investigation and analysis of the use of video materials in Chinese classrooms in Thailand.Through the content of the survey,multi-dimensional analysis of the different effects of different video material content on Chinese teaching.The problems and corresponding reasons in the application of video materials in Chinese classroom teaching in primary and secondary schools in Thailand;summarizing the application principles and suggestions of video materials in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.The fourth chapter is based on the author's teaching experience in Shapa Middle School in Dafu,Thailand,the basic situation of video material application in Chinese class,as well as specific case analysis and video material usage principles.In the conclusion part,the author first summarizes the process of this research,summarizes the results of this survey and proposes corresponding solutions.Mainly through the objective environment problem and the teacher's subjective control aspects,we propose the factors that need to be considered before the application of video material selection,establish clear teaching objectives,distinguish the primary and secondary,maximize its advantages,and video.Partial negligence or skipping of non-conformities can achieve better results in teaching.
Keywords/Search Tags:Video material, Teaching Chinese as a second language, Thai land, junior high school
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