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Discussion On The Reform Of My Country's Judicial Committee System Under The Legal Official Quota System

Posted on:2018-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The system of judicial committee is the decision-making mechanism and working mode unique to our country's judicial system.It is an important part of the socialist judicial system with Chinese characteristics and occupies an important position in our legal system.The emergence of the system of the Judicial Committee has its specific historical and cultural factors and political background,which has played an important role in all periods.Historically,the system of the judicial committee of the People's Court has played a vital role in promoting the scientific conduct of the trial work and improving the quality of the trial.However,in the actual operation,because the collegial panel in order to pursue authority,reduce the rate of change and a large number of cases submitted to the trial committee to discuss.The trial committee had to focus most of the focus on the discussion of the case,reducing the quality and efficiency of the proceedings,a more direct impact on the trial committee summed up the trial experience,supervision and management to guide the work of the trial and other functions,to a certain extent,All circles for the trial committee system of concern and criticism.In the current wave of judicial reform,the reform of the system of judges and the reform of the judicial committee system will be the focus and difficulty of this judicial reform.How does the Judges staff system be established and implemented?How does the Judicial Committee system reform and improve?Will be an important aspect of the new round of judicial reform,but also to improve the credibility of the judiciary and establish the basis of judicial authority.In addition to the introduction and conclusion,this paper mainly includes four parts,the specific structure is as follows:The first part describes the exploration process of the reform of the judges 'post system in our country.We have described the process of the reform of the judges' post system in the two aspects from the ideal vision and the reform and practice of the reform of the post of the post of the judges.We have gradually realized the deification of the administration of the court,To reduce the administrative interference,to ensure the independence of the judiciary,making the judge to become the core of the work of the court,leading the court's trial work.The second part analyzes the current situation of the operation of the judicial committee system.Through the investigation and analysis of the actual operation of the judicial committee,it is found that there are many shortcomings in the practice of the judicial committee system,which need to be improved and perfected continuously.The third part outlines the opportunities provided by the reform of the rank system of judges in our country for the reform of the judicial committee system and how the two should be combined.From the relationship between the two reforms and the relationship between the two to explain the reform of the judicial committee system and the reform of the judicial staff in the context of China's judicial reform is complementary and indispensable.The fourth part puts forward some concrete suggestions on the reform and perfection of the system of the judicial committee.Through reforming and improving the organizational structure,running mechanism,clarifying the personnel composition and the scope of duties,the judicial mechanism of the judicial committee is more institutionalized and judicialized to realize the judicial Of the impartiality and authority,while safeguarding the current goal of judicial reform can be successfully achieved.
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