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Anti-monopoly Analysis Of "choose One" Behavior Of E-commerce Platform

Posted on:2019-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,with the rapid development of the Chinese Internet industry,the topic of "choose one from two" suspected monopoly has caused the academia,the judiciary and public attention.One of the most famous case in the Internet field,the company 360 and Tencent QQ "3Q War" is known China anti Internet the monopoly of the first case,which analyzed from all walks of life from different angles and the starting point.At the same time,with the development of Internet economy,experts and scholars from the definition of the relevant market,the dominant market position and determination of presumption,determine the abuse of a dominant market position,market competition,anti monopoly influence on the development of the industry is negative balance,and antitrust investigation and proof system were studied and published numerous papers and journal articles.At present in our country,including Tencent,Alibaba,Baidu super network platforms,the Internet platform have development.Especially the rapid rise of the major super business platform,the increasingly fierce market competition,research on the anti monopoly business platform is imperative for the social construction of the rule of law in China,plays an important role in the fast development of the socialist market economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:e-commerce platform, competition, "choice one from two" action, Antitrust analysis
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