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Impacts Of Slack Resources And Absorptive Capacity On Innovation Performance

Posted on:2020-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330578960048Subject:Business Administration
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Since the 1990 s,relying on the rapid increase in the domestic consumer market,many enterprises in China have accumulated a certain amount of capital strength,which provides the necessary redundant resources for the innovation and development of enterprises.However,as China's economic growth rate and market demand growth slowed down,the supply-side structural problems and contradictions that existed in many enterprises in China gradually became prominent.To this end,the Chinese government proposed a strategic concept of supply-side structural reform in 2015.The supply-side structural reform has pointed out the direction for the innovation and development of enterprises.How to transform the redundant resources of enterprises into the innovation ability has become the focus of the theoretical and practical circles.Based on this,this paper incorporates slack resources and absorption capacity variables into the innovation management research framework,and a theoretical model of slack resources affecting innovation performance is constructed.For the independent variable redundant resources,it is divided into two dimensions according to its characteristics of specificity and flexibility.In addition,the absorption capacity is introduced as a mediator variable to study how the relationship between slack resources and innovation performance has a mediating effect.Specifically,the main research questions are as follows:(1)What is the mechanism of the two dimensionsof slack resources(absorbed slack and unabsorbed slack)on innovation performance?(2)Does absorptive capacity mediate between slack resources and innovation performance?(3)Does the size,profitability,capital structure and age of the company affect the relationship between slack resources and innovation performance,and does the absorption capacity play a mediating role?In this paper,theoretical research and empirical research are mainly used in the selection of research methods.First,a conceptual model is constructed through literature combing and theoretical analysis.Then,based on the panel data of 382 multinational manufacturing companies listed on the A-share market in Shanghai and Shenzhen in 2010-2015,the STATA14.0 statistical software was used to analyze the data,test the theoretical framework model and research hypotheses,and draw the following conclusions.slack resources and innovation performance have an inverted U-shaped relationship.slack resources and absorptive capacity also have an inverted U-shaped relationship,and the absorptive capacity plays a partial intermediary role in the inverted U-type relationship between slack resources and innovation performance.This paper builds panel data from 2010 to 2015,verifying the inverted U-shaped relationship between slack resources and innovation performance,and the mediating role of absorptive capacity in the relationship between slack resources and innovation performance.The research results not only expand the role of “redundant resources? absorption capacity ? innovation performance ”,but also enrich the theoretical research on the influencing factors of enterprise innovation performance.It suggests that enterprises should rationally allocate slack resources and increase R&D investment to cope with the innovation process.Uncertainty and continuous improvement in innovation performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Slack resources, Absorptive capacity, Innovation performance, multinational manufacturing companies
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