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Research On The Relationship Between Innovation Resources And Innovation Performance Of Small And Medium-sized IT Enterprises In Jiangsu Province

Posted on:2021-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330647950408Subject:Business management
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Innovation has now become synonymous with the 21 st century.It is the soul of national progress and sustainable development.It is the decisive factor for improving international status and gaining the right to speak.It is an important source for enterprises to remain competitive in the business environment.In 2016,since the "Outline of the National Innovation-Driven Development Strategy" was issued,the government has successively introduced various financial subsidies and social service policies to encourage innovation.As a major economic development province,Jiangsu Province has paid more attention to the innovation-led sustainable development model in recent years in order to effectively improve its core competitiveness.Its development achievements are gratifying: Jiangsu Province 's innovation capability has been outstanding in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration,Which occupies half of the "2019 Yangtze River Delta City Innovation Power List",and its high-tech industry's GDP accounts for 44% of the total industrial output.However,most of Jiangsu's high-tech industries are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises.Although they have the advantage of flexibility,their shortcomings of being highly susceptible to outside influences and low survival rates are also obvious because of the limitations of innovative resources and insufficient internal management systems.This is also a common problem in today's vigorous development of small and medium-sized technology enterprises in China.This makes the company have to pay attention to the allocation and utilization of internal resources and the efficiency of its own innovation output,and shorten the innovation cycle as much as possible,thereby reducing the adverse effects of changes in the internal and external situation of the enterprise.Starting from practical issues,The research object of this paper is the large and medium-sized IT enterprises in Jiangsu Province,a typical science and technology enterprise,focuses on the effective use of innovation resources within the enterprise and the improvement of innovation performance,designs the innovation performance model with reference to relevant theories,and obtains the first hand of enterprises from various regions through field research The data validates the theoretical model and deeply discusses the relationship between innovation resources,absorptive capacity and innovation performance within the enterprise.In addition,practice has proved that only by constantly adapting to the changing business environment can the company maintain its relevance and achieve success.Therefore,this study also analyzes how the innovation performance of the company is affected in different business environments,and then for Jiangsu Province.Provide practical suggestions for the development of small and medium-sized information technology enterprises.Finally,the conclusions of this study are:(1)the internal innovation resources of the enterprise have a significant impact on innovation performance;(2)the absorptive capacity plays a part of the mediating role in the internal innovation resources and innovation performance of the enterprise;(3)the business environment affects the model The regulatory role of the company is partially significant.The better the business environment,the greater the impact of internal innovation resources on absorptive capacity,and the greater the impact of absorptive capacity on innovation performance;but the moderating effect on the relationship between internal innovation resources and innovation performance,It is not significant.The reason may be that simply by changing the business environment,the learning and innovation capabilities within the organization cannot be fundamentally improved,so it cannot have a significant impact on the relationship between innovation performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and medium-sized technology companies, internal innovation resources, absorptive capacity, business environment, innovation performance
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