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Study On Emergency Risk Management Of Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China Weihai Branch

Posted on:2019-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Sudden risk is one of the most important contents of risk management in commercial Banks.Commercial banks occupy a very central position in the domestic financial industry.Although many years of reform and optimization have have made important contributions to the rapid development of China's social economy,there are drawbacks of its long-standing institutional defects and reform blind spots,resulting in commercial silver in the field of risk problems happened frequently in recent years.Many cases have caused serious damage,and staff members at different levels and in different positions are involved.Facing the increasingly complicated business environment,the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Weihai Branch has been neglecting the management and prevention of the sudden risks while constantly pursuing business becoming bigger and stronger.In recent years,the direct or indirect losses caused by management decision-making mistakes,employee operation violation,and illegal and criminal behaviors have reached hundreds of millions of yuan,and have caused damaged to the reputation of ICBC.For the long-term development of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Weihai Branch,it is imperative to strengthen emergency risk management.This thesis mainly uses the analytic hierarchy process,the field investigation method,the document research method and the Delphi investigation method and the concept of risk management to divide the risks into three categories: the asset safety sudden risk,the operation safety sudden risk and the information security sudden risk.And then the three categories are to study the sudden risk management of the ICBC of Weihai Branch.First of all,through combing and analyzing the research results of risk management and commercial bank sudden risk management at home and abroad,it summarizes the research status at home and abroad,selects reasonable research methods,and formulates the technical route of research.Secondly,on the basis of analyzing the operation status of ICBC of Weihai Branch,this paper mainly uses the theory of Analytic Hierarchy Process and Delphi method to identify the factors that cause sudden risks,and to clarify the main risk factors of sudden risks.From the perspective of three classifications of sudden risks,the sudden risk is divided into the asset security sudden risk factors,including decision-making errors,operation irregularities,important customer changes,and so on;the operating sudden risk factors,such as group events,natural disasters;and the informational sudden risk,including virus attack,communication interruption,data loss or leakage.And the degrees of risk are divided into significant,large and general.Then,the paper evaluates the sudden risk of the ICBC of Weihai branch by AHP,and finds that the bank has a high level of sudden exposure.Through the analysis of the evaluation results,the paper discovers that there are many problems in the sudden risk management of the ICBC of Weihai branch.For example,there is a lack of quantitative assessment of risk management,the occurrence of sudden and frequent risk events,and the annual losses of sudden risks.Therefore,it is necessary to take active and effective measures to strengthen the management of sudden risks of the ICBC of Weihai Branch.Finally,the paper proposes the risk management and preventive measures that teh ICBC of Weihai Branch can take in asset security risk,operational security risk and information security risk.
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