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Research On The Policy Implementation Of Inclusive Finance To Support Small And Micro Enterprises

Posted on:2021-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330605468816Subject:Public administration
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Since the reform and opening up,China's economy has been developing at a high speed,and small and micro enterprises,as new forces,have been developing rapidly,accounting for an increasingly high proportion of market subjects.small and micro enterprises can effectively increase employment,prosper the market,stabilize the economy,promote social innovation,meet the changing needs of society,and play an increasingly important role in society and economy.Due to the dependence and protection of large enterprises in the domestic social economy and the small and micro enterprises' own small scale,irregular management,and weak resistance to risks,small and micro enterprises face difficulties in financing and expensive financing.In recent years,China has attached great importance to the development of small and micro enterprises.The Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and other supervisory and administrative departments have promulgated inclusive financial policies to guide financial institutions to support small and micro enterprises.As financial institutions actively develop inclusive financial services,small and micro enterprises have become a key development group in the financial market.Inclusive Finance mainly solves the problems of financing difficulties,expensive financing,poverty and the availability of financial resources for rural population in small and medium-sized enterprises.It is of great significance for improving the vitality of small and micro enterprises,winning the precise battle against poverty,and promoting rural revitalization.Inclusive financial policies have alleviated the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises to a certain extent,but they still cannot folly meet the financing needs of small and micro enterprises.This article focuses on the inclusive financial policy of small and micro enterprises financing,using the Smith model as the analysis framework,summarizes the relevant theories and data,analyzes the policy implementation effects and proposes corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.This article includes five chapters.The first chapter introduces the research background and significance,sorts out and summarizes the research status at home and abroad,and determines the research ideas and research methods.The second chapter describes the basic concepts and analysis framework,and explains related concepts.This article mainly uses the Smith analysis model.The third chapter summarizes my country's inclusive financial policies and policy evolution to support the financing of small and micro enterprises,taking Q Bank as an example to analyze the effectiveness of policy implementation,and subsequently analyzes the effectiveness of policy implementation from the policy environment and small and micro enterprise groups.The fourth chapter finds out the problems existing in the process of inclusive finance supporting small and micro enterprises financing from the content of the policy,the implementing agency,the policy environment and the target group according to the Smith model and analyzes the causes of the problems.In the last chapter of this article,on the basis of comparative research experience and statistical analysis,it proposes relevant suggestions from four aspects:n terms of policy content,improve supporting policies,strengthen system implementation,and improve the legal system;Executive agencies strengthen institutional cooperation,prefer financial resources to small and micro enterprises,achieve differentiated competition in innovative products,and innovate financial supervision models;Innovate financial supervision models;enrich financing channels in the policy environment,strengthen government guidance and enhance data sharing;In terms of small and micro-enterprise groups,they advocate social collaboration to promote the development of small and micro-enterprises,and improve their own credit level.
Keywords/Search Tags:Inclusive Finance, Small and micro enterprises, Q Bank, Policy Implementation
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