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Investigation And Analysis On The Small And Micro Enterprises' Financing Condition Under Inclusive Financial In X City, Hebei

Posted on:2017-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Small and micro enterprises have very significant affect to the economic development of our country,which is one of the main power of economic development in our country. The national policy about the development of small and micro enterprises has always been in, but there is little effect,.Small and micro enterprises still face financing difficulties. The inclusive finance is defined as offering an opportunity for the broad masses of low-income groups and even the poor, and providing financial service availability.It's determination of the party and the country that promotes equal and fair allocation of financial resources for the small and micro enterprises' financial difficulties.The study thinks small and micro enterprise of X city as the object, and explores the causes of small and micro enterprises' financing predicament and the countermeasures of improving the plight according to inclusive financial policy and the results of the survey.In the first of all,it's to introduce the background, purpose, significance and methods of the research; Secondly, it's to sum up the basic economic and financial situation under the inclusive financial policy, in order to more deeply understand the situation of the small and micro enterprises and financial institutions in X city,and as to the further research about small and micro enterprises' financing situation; Then, we settle the results of statistical survey, at the same time analysis the support of finance and government to small and micro enterprises under the inclusive finance in X city,we find small and micro enterprises' financing condition isn't improved; Finally, we analyze the problems of small and micro enterprises' finance under inclusive finance from the small and micro enterprises, financial institutions and governments,we will find out the suggestions of small and micro enterprises' financial difficulties.In this paper, the innovation is finding out the countermeasures and suggestions of small and micro enterprises' financing predicament under the inclusive finance. On the one hand,the small and micro enterprises in X city should improve their own quality, such as developing the system of standardized management and strengthening risk's management and increasing credibility. On the other hand, financial institutions and relevant departments also should introduce some countermeasures such as improving the credit management of commercial bank, encouraging the development of private financial institutions and encouraging small and micro enterprises to participate in direct financing.Government can increase support of policy, and provide a good service environment for small and micro enterprises.In a word, if we want to solve the small and micro enterprises' financing difficulties, we should start from small and micro enterprises, financial institutions and relevant departments.
Keywords/Search Tags:inclusive finance, small and micro businesses, financing difficulties, support policy
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