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Preparation And Optical Properties Of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Single Crystals Doped With Dy2O3 And Tm2O3

Posted on:2022-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2481306533495684Subject:Condensed matter physics
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Yttria-stabilized zirconia(YSZ)can be selected as the suitable host of laser materials because of its high refractive index and low optical loss.In order to prepare excellent performance light-emitting crystals that can be used for yellow lasers and high-efficiency white light output.In this paper,The host YSZ single crystals,YSZ:xDy2O3 single crystals doped with different concentrations of Dy2O3,and YSZ:xDy/Tm single crystals co-doped with different concentrations of Dy2O3 and 0.5 mol%Tm2O3 were further prepared by the optical floating zone method.The single crystal microstructure and optical properties were characterized and tested in detail,and its potential applications in the field of yellow lasers and white LEDs were evaluated.1.The polycrystalline ceramic rods required for crystal growth were synthesized by the solid-phase reaction method.XRD results showed that the ceramic samples are a mixed phase of monoclinic and cubic phases.The single crystals are further prepared by the optical floating zone method,and investigated systematically the microstructures of single crystals,XRD and Raman results show that that all samples have single cubic zirconia structure.2.In the range of 240-900 nm,the UV-visible absorption spectra of YSZ:xDy2O3 and YSZ:xDy/Tm single crystals mainly show the absorption peaks of Dy3+and Tm3+.Among them,the absorption peak with a wavelength of 349 nm has a strong intensity,which can be used as the excitation wavelength of YSZ:xDy2O3 and YSZ:xDy/Tm single crystals.3.Under the excitation of 349 nm,the emission spectrum of YSZ:xDy2O3single crystal has emission peaks at 483 nm,584 nm,680 nm and 767 nm,which correspond to the energy level transition of Dy3+from 4F9/2?6HJ/2(J=15,13,11 and 9),respectively.The intensity of the yellow emission peak at 584 nm is the strongest,followed by the intensity of the blue emission peak at 483 nm.When the doping concentration of Dy2O3 is 0.5 mol%,the highest yellow light emission intensity is obtained.The fluorescence lifetime of YSZ:xDy2O3samples was measured.Due to the interaction among Dy3+ions,the lifetime decay curves of 4F9/2?6H13/2 and 4F9/2?6H15/2 decreased significantly with the increase of Dy2O3 concentration.The chromaticity coordinates(CIE)of YSZ:xDy2O3 samples are about(0.54,0.45),which indicates an orange-yellow emission light.The results show that YSZ single crystals doped by Dy2O3 can be used as a yellow laser.4.Under the excitation of 349 nm,the emission spectrum of YSZ:xDy/Tm single crystal showed emission peaks at 458 nm,483 nm and 584 nm.Among them,458 nm corresponds to the Tm3+(1D2?3F4)transition;483 nm and 584nm correspond to the Dy3+(4F9/2?6H13/2)transition.Due to the resonance energy transfer between Tm3+and Dy3+ions,the energy absorbed by Tm3+can be used to excite Dy3+.Therefore,the intensity of the emission peak of Tm3+gradually decreases with the increase of the concentration of Dy2O3,and the fluorescence decay time of the corresponding Tm3+energy level transition at 458 nm also gradually decreases.The intensity of the emission peak of Dy3+increases first(the strongest when x=0.75)and then decreases.When x=0.75,the standard white light color coordinate value(0.33,0.33)is obtained,which shows its application value in the field of near-ultraviolet excited white light LEDs.
Keywords/Search Tags:Optical floating zone method, YSZ single crystals, Dy2O3 and Tm2O3 doping, Crystal structure, Absorption spectrum, Emission spectrum, fluorescence lifetime
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