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Research On Growth And Properties Of RE:KY(WO4)2 Laser Crystals

Posted on:2011-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360302990283Subject:Inorganic Chemistry
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If Sm3+ ion is in a different light excitation,it will emit different wavelengths of laser. Because,it has more than one pump energy level.Tm3+,Ho3+ ion are widely used in medical and optical communication because it can launch lasers about 2.0μm.Samarium-doped potassium yttrium tungstate crystal[Sm:KY(WO4)2]and thulium,Holmium co-doped potassium yttrium tungstate crystal[Tm,Ho:KY(WO4)2]are two kinds of new solid laser materials which are apt to LD pump.About the Sm:KY(WO4)2 and Tm,Ho:KY(WO4)2 crystals are not reported now.In this paper,Tm:KY(WO4)2 and Tm,Ho:KY(WO4)2 crystal grown by Top Seeded Solvent Growth(TSSG) method,using K2W2O7 as flux.The rational temperature field,the method of material preparation and technological parameters has been designed through further explore of more experiments.X-ray powder diffraction analysis was given to the crystals Tm,Ho:KY(WO4)2 and Sm:KY(WO4)2 belong to monoclinic system with space group C2/c.The lattice parameters were calculated.The Infrared spectrum and Raman spectrum of crystals were measured.The vibration modes were analyzed and the existence of WOW and WOOW can be insured.Absorption spectrum of the sample was measured,Sm3+ existed two strong peaks at 418nm and 481nm,The absorption spectrum of Tm,Ho:KY(WO4)2 was analyzed,the corresponding spectral parameters were calculated. Fluorescence spectrum of the sample was measured,The strongest emission is at 600nm, Tm3+,Ho3+ ion can emit lasers about 2.0μm.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sm:KY(WO4)2 crystal, Tm,Ho:KY(WO4)2, crystal, TSSG, absorption spectrum, fluorescence spectrum
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