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Research On The Idea Of Modern Engraving "Meaning Form Creation"

Posted on:2022-10-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The art of modern lettering is a member of the "Great Calligraphic Family",walking side by side with calligraphy and seal carving and evolving from each other.After 30 years of development,from simple traditional engraving to "thematic engraving" to today's "righteous form creation" concept engraving,it has continued to mature,making modern engraving art present a diversified aesthetic pattern.The concept of "Yi-shape creation" was proposed by Wang Zhi'an in 2010 as a powerful corrective to the problems of inbreeding,similar styles and low calligraphic standards that had emerged in the process of modern lettering art.The proportion of engraved works with the concept of "righteous creation" has also been increasing,with a rich variety of forms and styles,but at present,it seems that the creators are more concerned with the understanding of "righteous creation" than with the creation of "righteous creation".However,at present,it seems that the creators are more concerned with creation than with the concept of "righteous creation".Based on the above understanding,the author focuses on the concept of "righteous creation",the styles and schools,and the references to calligraphy and seal carving.The first chapter explains the meaning of the concept of "righteousness and shape creation",explains the background of the concept,expresses the opportunity of the concept of "righteousness and shape creation",and explains the meaning of "righteousness" and "shape"."The second chapter analyses the direction of style under the concept of " righteous creation ";the third chapter expresses the value and characteristics of the concept of" righteous creation ";the fourth chapter explains the development of the concept of" righteous creation Chapter 4 explains the development of the concept of "righteous creation" and discusses the author's own development and practical accumulation of the concept of "righteous creation".In the section on professional creation,the author describes how,under the guidance of the concept of "righteous creation",he has looked at tradition and combined it with contemporary art creation,divided into three sections: calligraphy,seal carving and engraving,and applied the concept of "righteous creation" to the creation of calligraphy and seal carving.In this paper,the author's creative thinking is opened up in order to complement theory and practice,while focusing on the expression of ideas and feelings in his works.This paper takes the concept of "Yi-form Creation" as an entry point to investigate the subject,with a view to increasing the awareness of this art form among more artists and the expansion of theoretical research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Meaning-shape creation, Modern lettering, Calligraphy, Style, Development
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