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The Study Of Liability For Personal Information Infringement In The Context Of Big Data

Posted on:2021-05-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the advent of the era of big data and the advancement of technology,it has brought more and more convenience to life.At the same time,the personal information of each of us may be collected and used,and sometimes it will have a bad impact on our life..Infringements such as leakage,misuse,and sale of personal information of citizens have also intensified.The personal rights and tranquility of citizens have been severely damaged,and it is necessary to study the liability for infringement of personal information.As an ordinary person,the awareness of protecting rights and interests may not be perfect,or may not know how to obtain compensation.The existing laws and regulations should be improved on the principle of liability for personal information infringement,and the compensation for the infringed person 's damages is also insufficient.My main task of this paper.The second chapter of this article analyzes the concepts of big data and personal information,and summarizes the current status of legislation.The third chapter discusses the composition of personal information infringement liability,highlighting the new features.Chapter 4 proposes that in the era of big data,my country's imperfection of personal information infringement liability system such as the burden of burden of proof and insufficient relief of damage compensation system.Chapter5 is a study and analysis of the relevant legal provisions of the personal information infringement liability system outside the territory,and discusses the enlightenment of the establishment of personal information infringement liability system in my country,that is,what to learn.The sixth chapter is to put forward some of my own suggestions,including the inversion of the burden of proof,the principle of presumption of fault and the application of the punitive compensation system.The latest "Civil Code " Chapter 6 stipulates the content of personal information infringement,but this legal issue requires more specific legal provisions to deal with the infringement disputes that occur every day.This issue has received more and more attention,and more and more detailed research is needed.I hope that through the writing of this article,I will deepen my understanding of this issue,make my own contribution.and make research for the problem of personal information infringement liability in the context of big data.
Keywords/Search Tags:big data, personal information, tort liability, presumption of fault
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