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Research On Electronic Forensics In Network Pyramid Selling Crime Investigation

Posted on:2022-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Compared with the traditional network pyramid selling crime,the increasingly prevalent etwork pyramid selling crime has its new characteristics,dynamics,crime patterns and difficulties in combating,so the investigation mode and forensic methods should be timely innovation to apply to the development of network crime.Network pyramid selling crime as a typical network crime,with non-contact,cross-regional,virtual and other characteristics,traditional evidence thinking and traditional investigation mode is difficult to effectively respond.And electronic data is the most important form of evidence left in the process of network crime,so electronic forensics becomes the key to network pyramid selling crime investigation and forensics.As a kind of network crime,the network pyramid selling crime and other network crime electronic forensics have both commonality and uniqueness,this paper is to maintain the universality of the basis for the network pyramid selling crime electronic forensics has the "uniqueness" of the difficulties of countermeasures to improve the analysis and research.This paper makes comprehensive use of literature research,case study,empirical research,empirical summary,logical reasoning and other research methods to the current network pyramid selling crime electronic forensics imperfection of the forensic system,forensic standards are not uniform;network pyramid selling crime electronic data types,data correlation analysis is difficult;network pyramid selling crime cross-regional strong,the jurisdiction of the case is controversial;network pyramid selling crime platform is complex,electronic forensic technology is difficult;network pyramid selling crime crime involves a large number of people,and the case is difficult.The current situation and the difficulties of forensics such as the number of people involved in pyramid scheme crimes and the difficulty of electronic evidence identification.In view of the above difficulties,the authors propose five levels of legal system,investigative thinking,case jurisdiction,forensic technology and evidence identification to improve the legal regulatory system of electronic evidence,build electronic evidence correlation analysis mode of thinking,reconstruct the case jurisdiction and forensic collaboration sharing mechanism,strengthen the research and application of electronic forensic technology,improve the review and judgment standards of electronic evidence and other electronic forensic countermeasures to achieve network pyramid selling crime.The e-forensics system of network pyramid selling crime is further improved in order to have some reference value for the theoretical research and practical application of e-forensics of network pyramid selling crime,and to have universal reference significance for other network crimes.
Keywords/Search Tags:Network pyramid selling, Internet Crime, Investigative countermeasure, Electronic evidence collection, Electronic evidence
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