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Legal Issues Concerning On The Supervision Of The Cros S-border Flow Of Personal Data In E-commerce

Posted on:2021-09-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of information technology,the digital economy is reshaping the face of the world economy and human society.The most actively e-commerce in the digital economy is also rapidly developing.In recent years,the scale of cross-border e-commerce trade has continued to increase,and cross-border e-commerce has gradually become an important part of China's active participation in international trade.The security of cross-border e-commerce data becomes a problem that trading countries need to solve before gaining the benefits of digital economy development.The field of data security and privacy protection been focused trade cooperation in the formulation of trade rules,which should not become a new trade barrier.Due to countries' different levels of technological development,traditions,and protection awareness,there are gaps in standards and measures for privacy protection.The development concept of forming a multilateral consensus between regions and internationally is the most Good way.The General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR)of the European Personal Privacy Protection Act came into effect in May 2018.It aims to formulate guidelines for the behavior of Internet companies within the EU,marking the completion of the EU 's Protect the privacy of personal data and strengthen the regulation of personal information supervision.The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation(APEC)Cross Border Privacy Rules(CBPR)uses the market-oriented and professional advantages of industry self-regulation by certification and recognition to enforce the law As a guarantee,the companies those join the CBPR have the same level of privacy protection,promoting the free flow of data in the area,and take into account privacy protection and development innovation.In addition to legal regulations,industry self-regulation can also play a supporting role in improving the level of corporate privacy protection.Advanced technical standards and management standards can help to improve the level of privacy management of enterprises,which can play a role in coordinating the international industry levels.After an analysis of GDPR and an understanding of APEC's CBPR,this article has provided some advice about cross-border data flows on the domestic legislation in China and participation in related international cooperation.
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