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Between Virtual And Reality

Posted on:2022-01-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the age of technology and consumption,"immersive" art enters the public space as a new experiential art.With the continuous development of technological media,the immersive art that integrates diversified media and interdisciplinary creation concepts has attracted widespread public attention with its unique immersive experience,diversity and interest in interaction with viewers.Taking the public space as the stage,the space created by immersive art is a brand-new field between the virtual and the real world,and its unique way of expression forms a new space culture.Immersive expression also activates traditional culture and traditional art,bringing new forms of presentation and interpretation.While paying attention to the public's aesthetic perception,immersive art uses aesthetics to establish a network of connections between individuals and others,between people and society,and between people and nature.Study the creative concept and formal language of immersive art works,analyze the differences from traditional art,the multi-sensory interaction between works and viewers,and the diversification of creative media.And the realistic meaning of immersive artistic expression,breaking the virtual interpersonal relationship brings emotional and spatial identification.Immersive experience not only expands the methods of artistic practice,but also lowers the threshold of artistic appreciation and breaks the barriers between art and the public.The 5G era and the advent of new virtual reality technologies have created new possibilities for the future development of immersive art and the mode of immersive experience.And reflect on the phenomenon of artistic entertainment and landscaping brought about by the coming era of "all things immersion".
Keywords/Search Tags:Immersive art, space, interactive, medium
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