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Research On Legal Issues Of Cross-border Flow Of Personal Data In My Country

Posted on:2022-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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"Data" has become the "new oil" in the economic era.The flow of data is an important way for the information,finance,medical and other industries to pursue benefits.The rapid development of international trade and cross-border services has promoted the cross-border flow of personal data.The Internet has no national boundaries,and while accelerating the flow,it also brings hidden dangers to the security of personal data.Data breaches occur frequently around the world,and data security has aroused concern,prompting my country to pay more attention to national security and data security.This article defines the relevant concepts of personal data,and analyzes the current legal documents on the cross-border flow of personal data in my country,and finds that the legislation is scattered,there is no uniformly applicable legislative document,insufficient supervision,and lack of international cooperation mechanisms.By examining the direction and content of the EU's full protection model,the U.S.industry self-discipline model,and the APEC accountability model for the cross-border flow of personal data.Drawing lessons from mature experience,it is concluded that my country should improve domestic legislation,improve the rules for cross-border flow of personal data,strengthen the regulatory system,and actively promote international exchanges and cooperation.
Keywords/Search Tags:personal data, cross-border flow, data protection, legal regulation
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