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Research On The Path Of Ideal And Belief Education In High School Ideological And Political Courses In The New Era

Posted on:2022-10-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306722987519Subject:Disciplinary teaching
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In the new era,as the core of ideological and political education,the education of ideal and belief shows new characteristics and faces new tasks,it is of unique theoretical value and practical significance to carry out ideal and faith education through ideological and political course in senior high school.In this regard,this study clarifies the connotation,background and value of the ideal and faith education in the ideological and political course of senior high school by reviewing the literature of various ideal and faith education thoughts at home and abroad,in the new era,the ideological and political education in senior high schools needs to face the multiple and changing international and domestic situations,the accomplishment-oriented curriculum reform background,and the complicated and unique physical and mental characteristics of students,it can promote students' allround development and help social cohesion and consensus.On this basis,this study combined with the methods of questionnaire,interview,observation,action research and other empirical research methods to clarify the high school ideological and political education of the ideal and belief of the achievements and shortcomings,the present situation of ideological and political education in senior high schools in the new era is reflected in the different degree of Students' recognition of the importance of ideals and beliefs,the different levels of students' ideals and beliefs,and the different understanding of the relationship between individuals and society,the deficiency and the reason are as follows: the disconnection between theory and reality leads to the lack of the actual effect of ideal and faith education,the infiltration of education materialization influences the degree of attention paid to ideal and faith education,and the lack of the joint effort of educating people weakens the positive effect of ideal and faith education.Based on the results of the current research,the research first based on the party and the state's various policies and guidelines,carried out a top-level design of high school ideological and political education,that is to say,it is clear that the education of ideals and beliefs in ideological and political lessons in high schools in the new era should be normalized,institutionalized and guided by values,especially in the face of such problems as the scattering and randomness of the education of ideals and beliefs in ideological and political lessons in high schools at present,to a certain extent,the efforts to promote the normalization and institutionalization of ideal and belief education can enhance its scientificity,systematicness and Operability.Secondly,it integrates the educational content of ideal and faith education with the analysis of high school ideological and political teaching materials,including strengthening theoretical self-confidence through theoretical education on Marxism and socialism with Chinese characteristics,cultivating system self-confidence through “Four Histories”education,maintaining road self-confidence through practical achievements in China's development,and stimulating cultural self-confidence through Chinese spiritual education,at the same time,the relevant resources of the new textbooks are sorted out.Again,this paper explores the implementation strategy of ideal and faith education in senior high school ideological and political curriculum reform under the guidance of subject core literacy —— to strengthen the teaching of scientific theory,to differentiate and analyze the value guidance,to create the situation of integrating into life,and to enter the big classroom of social practice in the process of education and teaching.Finally,from the perspective of educators,schools,society and families,the paper explores the joint forces of ‘three-wide education' to promote the education of ideals and beliefs in ideological and political courses in senior high schools,secondly,the school system to strengthen the role of education,thirdly,the school traction social families play a synergistic role.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Ideal and Faith Education, the Ideological and Political Curriculum, Morality Education
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