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Research And Application Of IP Protocol Family In A Domestic Operating System

Posted on:2022-10-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M ZhangFull Text:PDF
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With the continuous development of science and technology,more and more embedded systems are used in military,aerospace,industrial control,satellite communication and other fields.However,in recent years,the international frequent threats to national information security events,prompting our country to speed up the pace of building an independent and controllable software ecosystem,as the foundation of the software industry,the operating system has attracted more and more attention.In order to further ensure the national information security and realize complete self-control as soon as possible,this project develops a set of TCP/IP network protocol stack in line with the characteristics of the operating system based on the domestic operating system developed by AVIC.The home-made operating system adopts micro kernel design and supports a variety of domestic CPU chips and processors.It is a comprehensive embedded real-time partition operating system with the characteristics of time isolation and space separation.The research and development of a home-made operating system has taken the first step of self-control in China.The network protocol stack on the operating system must be designed and implemented independently(1)This paper studies the development history and characteristics of embedded operating system and its network protocol stack,analyzes the architecture,functional characteristics and integrated development environment of a domestic operating system in detail,and deeply understands the system support provided by a domestic operating system,so as to lay a foundation for the design of memory allocation strategy and communication mechanism.(2)Learning the related theory of IP protocol family in accordance with RFC standard,designing and implementing various functional modules including IP protocol,ARP protocol and ICMP Protocol;At the same time,the interface between IP protocol family and transport layer,data link layer and buffer of network protocol stack are designed and implemented,and integrated into the operating system as a component.(3)In order to apply the protocol stack to a domestic operating system,we first build a test environment to test whether each functional module of this project is complete.The test contents include:whether the network layer with IP protocol family as the core can provide transparent transmission services for the transport layer,Whether other layers in the protocol stack can cooperate with each other to complete network transmission functions such as remote login and file upload and download.To sum up,after understanding and analyzing the characteristics of a home-made operating system and the system services provided,this paper designs the architecture of network protocol stack according to the actual application requirements,and implements all the functional modules of each protocol in the IP protocol family according to the theoretical specifications of IP protocol family in RFC documents,Finally,the test results show that the network protocol stack designed and developed on a domestic operating system has communication function.
Keywords/Search Tags:localization operating system, embedded system, IP protocol family, network protocol stack
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