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Analysis Of Working Roll’s Fatigue Life In The4300mm Heavy Plate Mill

Posted on:2014-07-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2251330392964541Subject:Mechanical engineering
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Heavy plate production accounts for a large proportion in the iron and steel production, to research heavy plate mill is of great significance for the iron and steel production in our country. At the same time the roller is in complex stress state in rolling production process, especially the working environment of roller of heavy plate mill is bad, the roller is in big reduction and high speed rolling state for a long time, the roller must be contacted with high temperature rolled piece, cold water and the support roller. In the whole rolling production process, the periodic thermal stress caused by cold water, the contact stress, shear stress and residual stress caused by rolling load would be applied to the roller. Based on many practices of production, the failure of roller and reduced the life of roller are caused by fatigue wreck, the produce of crack and the peeled off surface material, which are closely related to the force status of roller.This paper takes work roll on fishing mill of Shouqin Company as the research object, considering the4300mm heavy plate mill work environment, to analyze the temperature and loading of rolling roller in-depth, the roller’s finite element is established with the analysis software MSC. Marc, then, the working roller temperature field would be analyzed by the three dimensional model, and temperature field in a stable rolling condition would be obtained,on the basis of the roller’s stable temperature field, the three dimensions coupled thermal-mechanical analysis model would be established on the considering of many kinds loads applied to the roller, then, the distribution of stress field in a stable rolling state is analyzed, and establish a comprehensive model of the temperature field and mechanical model, analyzing the temperature and stress field as the heavy plate mill work rolls in complex conditions comprehensivly, the failure forms of the roller would be discussed and the fatigue life of the roller would be predicted, it is greatly significant to improve product quality, and this is helpful for the smooth production.
Keywords/Search Tags:roller, temperature field, stress field, three dimensions coupledthermal-mechanical, fatigue Life
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