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Keyword [hydrogen peroxide oxidation]
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1. Preparation And Characterization Of ZnO Nanoparticles By Oxidation Of Metallic Zinc In H2O2 Solution
2. Study On Treatment Of Refractory Wastewater By Hydrogen Peroxide Catalytic Wet Oxidation
3. Study Of Desulphurization Technology Of Light Oil By A Green Method
4. Synthesis, Characterization Of Iron-Containing Pillared Clays And Its Application In The Treatment Of Phenolic Wastewater
5. Study On The Wet Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation Of H-acid
6. Green Synthesis Technique Of Medical Intermediate DM
7. The Preparation Of Hydroxyl Octadecadienoic Acid From Reduction Of Hydroperoxy Octadecadienoic Acid
8. The Recovery Technique Of Adipic Acid And Foundational Research
9. Applications Of Polymer-Supported Organselenium Reagents In Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis Reations
10. A Sequential Coagulation-Activated Carbon/Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation Process For Treating Municipal Solid Waste Landtill Leachate
11. Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation Of Glucose Catalyzed By Metalloporphyrins
12. Study Of Desulphurization Technology By A Green Method
13. Study On Preperation And Modification Of Azodicarbonamide Blowing Agent With Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation
14. The Study On H2O2Oxidation Of Cellulose Catalyzed By Metalloporphyrins In Alkaline Solution
15. Trichloro Acetyl Chloride And Aromatic Compounds, Fu - G Acylation Reaction And The Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation Was Prepared Azo Class Initiator
16. Metal Oxide Catalysts Tert-butyl Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation Of Olefin Synthesis Vicinal Diol
17. Cu-fe Base Load Catalyst Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation Of Benzyl Alcohol To Benzaldehyde Study
18. Study On FeSiAl Magnetic Powder Cr/Mn Alloyed & Surface Treatment Processes And Properties Of The Magnetic Cores
19. Research On Cyanide Wastewater Treatment By Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation And Activated Sludge Methods
20. Study On Degradation Of Orange G By Two Methods:electrochemical Oxidation Process And Nano Fe3O4 Catalytic Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation Process
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