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1. The Biodiversity And Ecological Bases Of Sustainable Control Of Dendrolimus Punctatus By Beauveria Bassiana
2. Study On The Disaster Forecast Of Masson Pine Caterpillar Dendrolimus Punctatus(Walker)
3. Analysis On Genomic Organization Of Dendrolimus Punctus Densovirus And Study On Function Of Non-Structural Protein NS1
4. Isolation And Molecular Biological Characterization Of Dendrolimus Punctatus Tetravirus
5. Study On The Induced Resistance Of Larix Gmelinii To Insects
6. Study On The Rapid Induced Resistance And Chemical Signals From Pinus Massoniana
7. Genetic Diversity Of Some Species Of Dendrolimus (Lepidoptera) And The Influence Of Environmental Factors
8. Basic Study On Application Of Metarhizium Against Dendrolimus Punctatus Walker
9. Impact Of Meteorological Factors On Three Forest Diseases And Pests In Heilongjiang Province And Forecasting
10. Study On The Induced Resistance Of Two Larch Species Treated With Exogenous Jasmonates To Insects
11. Biological Ecology And Aggregation Pheromone Monitoring Of Main Insect Borers In Larch Of Aershan, Inner Mongolia
12. Plant,Arthropod Diversity And Forest Health Evaluation In Aershan Forestry Area,Inner-Mongolia
13. Elementary Study On The Exploitation Of Protein Feed With Dendrolimus Punctatus Walker
14. Studies On Cold-hardness And Cold-Tolerant Mechanism Of Dendrolimus Spectablis
15. Studies On The Epizootic Dynamics Of Dendrolimus Spectabilis Cytoplasmic Polyhedrosis Virus
16. Analysis And Regionalization To The Ecological Geography Factor Of Forest Pest Based On GIS
17. Research On Chemical Ecology Control And Unharmful Prevention Of Dendrolimus Superans (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae) And Phassus Excrescens (Lepidoptera: Hepialoidae)
18. The Selecting Of The Entomogenous Fungus, Beauveria Bassiana On Dendrolimus Tabulaeformis In North Dry Area
19. Sequence Determination And Analyses Of Complete Genome Segments Of Dendrolimus Punctatus Cytoplasmic Polyhedrosis Virus
20. The Sensitivity Of Bombyx Mori Larvae To Dendrolimus Punctatus Cypovirus And Analyses Of The Viral Genome Segments
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