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81. The Effect Of Monoterpene Volatiles And Jasmonates From Slow-release Treatments On Dendrolimus Superans Behavioral Interference
82. Geographic Variations Of Sex Pheromone Components In Pine Caterpillar Moths, Dendrolimus Puncatus And Dendrolimus Kikuchii (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae)
83. The Studies On Prediction Models Of Occurrence Area Of Dendrolimus Using Machine Learning
84. Temperature And Humidity Effects On Dendrolimus Superans Butler Grow And Develop
85. Mating Behavior And Reproductive Fitness In Pine Caterpilar,dendrolimus Punctatus Walker(Lepidoptera:Lasiocampidae)
86. Genetic Differentiation And Phylogeography Of Geographic Populations Of Dendrolimus Punctatus
87. The Effects Of Landscape Pattern Of Wintering Habitat On The Community Structure And Potential Control Efficacy Of Egg Parasitoid Wasps Against Pine Caterpillars (Dendrolimus Spp.)
88. Prediction Algorithm And Application For Area Rank Of Dendrolimus Punctatus Breakout Based On Minority Oversampling
89. A Study On The Occurrence Prediction Of Dendrolimus Punctatus In Qianshan City And Comparison Of Insect Stages In Different Regions
90. Identification Of New Virus Strain Of Apocheima Cinerarius And The Assay Of Its Biological Activity
91. Effects of natural disturbances caused by the Siberian moth, Dendrolimus superans sibiricus (Tschetverikov), and, Fire on the dynamics of boreal forests in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia
92. Study On Information Extraction Technology Of Dendrolimus Punctatus Damage Based On SPOT-5 Remote Sensing Images
93. The Phototaxis Selectivity Of Dendrolimus Tablaeformis And Its Response To UVA Radiation
94. Region Identification Of Dendrolimus Superans Pest Based On Multispectral Remote Sensing Images
95. The Analysis On The Occurrence Dynamics Prediction Of Dendrolimus Punctatus Walker In QianShan City
96. Effect Of Forest Structure On The Number Of Dendrolimus Superans In Primary Forest Of Changbai Mountain
97. Ultrastructural Studies Of Olfactory Sensilla Of Two Parasitoids And Functional Characterization Of Sex Pheromone Receptors Of Three Dendrolimus Spp.
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