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181. A Report On The Translation Of Gravel Pack Technology In The Well Completion
182. Reflection On The Problems Caused Byasymmetric Informatoin Between The Speaker And The Audience
183. Strategies To Translate Culture Specific Terms In The Target Language
184. The Adjustment Strategies For Target Language In E-C Consecutive Interpreting Instructed By Skopos Theory
185. A Study On The Evolution Of Chinese Characters Marking The Consonant At The End Of The Mongolian Phonetic Syllable & Lt; I & Gt; In Chinese Character Documents
186. Foreign Students Learn The Investigation Of Chinese Double-object Sentences
187. An Investigation Of Chinese Learning Strategies Of Hungarian Students In Non-target Language Environment
188. Study On Chinese Language Learning Difficulty And Strategy Of Mongolian University Students Under Non-target Language Environment
189. Application Of Cohesion Theory In Consecutive Interpretation
190. A Practice Report On The English To Chinese Translation Of The China Factor: Leveraging Emerging Business Strategies To Compete,grow,and Win In The New Global Economy
191. Study On Chinese Characters Writing Problems Of Learners Fromnon-chinese Character Sphere
192. The Effective Use Of Target Language Environment In Chinese Teaching
193. The Research For Writing Lexical Richness Of Chinese Learning In Non-Target Language Environment
194. The Research On The Development Of Chinese Oral Fluency In Non-target Language
195. A Report On The Consecutive Interpreting In A Seminar Between GDUFS And Guangda Trade City
196. The Reproduction Of Conceptual Structure In English-Chinese Translation
197. A Report On Translation Of Short Stories Of Fortune Smiles
198. A Study On Chinese Translation Of The Sinological Historical Work Emperor Qianlong From The Perspective Of Translation Norms
199. A Practice Report On Cohesion And Coherence Of Target Language In Simulated Chinese-English Consecutive Interpreting Based On Translation Variation Theory
200. A Chinese-english Translation Report On Hui Tong Hotel Employee Handbook
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