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The Cultural Characteristics Of And The Cooperation Ideology For City Node

Posted on:2007-01-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360185488091Subject:Urban planning and design
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As riveted joints of city route networks and control points of the city space, city nodes, together with route networks, help determine the framework, pattern and functional layout of the city space. Nevertheless, city nodes and route networks which feature inertness have long been a challenge to the developing and changing city organism. Furthermore, city nodes have been a key base for cultural services of a city for they serve as both major public places for city dwellers and windows to city view and culture. All these prove that city nodes are of great significance to a city. However, the lack of a full understanding of city nodes'functions and values leads to the absence of a systematic theoretic research on it from multiple angles.In light of its importance and due to the deficiencies of current theoretic research on it, this thesis not only makes a comprehensive and profound study on node space from the interdisciplinary perspective of the science of culture and sociology, but also summarize its spacial features in order to have a better and deeper understanding of it, thus highlighting its strategic value in city planning.First, the thesis summarizes the present situation of node space in city construction home and abroad as well as the research achievements in this field. A new definition of city node is given according to its constituents and features, considering city node as a pivot of regulation with the functions of connecting, assembling and difusing as well as the environmental features of public space. Meanwhile, it makes a detailed analysis of the cultural characteristics of the component elements of city node and the distinctive features of traditional Chinese and Western city nodes. And the reasons of their differences are listed out.Second, the characteristics and developmental law of city node are closely analyzed, which makes the focus of the thesis. Aiming at having a completely new understanding of city node, the thesis makes a comprehensive analysis of its functions, types and environmental features. Also, it makes a profound study on the influence of city transport, economic setting, culture and ecological factors on node space in its development, the law of which has been summarized. In addition, various measures and methods are presented to create city node's aesthetic features and the characteristics of a panorama. Besides, from the viewpoint of regional culture, the thesis makes an analysis of the special features of city node in type, pattern and environmental aesthetics in the unique mountainous region.
Keywords/Search Tags:city node, cultural features, environmental aesthetics, city designing, concept of synergetic development
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