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Gear Shift Schedule And Gearshift Control For Amt In Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Posted on:2007-08-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1102360185497267Subject:Vehicle Engineering
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Along with the increasing of vehicles quantity, people have paid more attentions on the problems of environmental protection and energy shortage, and it is the impellent of automotive technology advance. Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), which incorporates the advantages of both the battery electric vehicle and the conventional vehicle, has attached more and more attentions for the merits of high fuel efficiency, low emissions, long driving range, and moderate price. With the supporting by 863 program of hybrid electric car development, the main topic of this study is the HEV control strategy and its implementation in the real vehicle.As one of the key techniques of HEV, vehicle control strategy includes the energy management strategy and the implement strategy of energy management in hybrid powertrain. The fuel efficiency, emission performance, driving smoothness and the operational life of clutch plates depend largely upon the vehicle control strategy of HEV.The purpose of energy management strategy is to improve the fuel efficiency and reduce the emissions of HEV. In past research of the energy management strategy, the torque allocation strategy between engine and motor has attracted the majority of attention. For the HEV which equipped with automatic mechanical transmission (AMT), the gear position would affect the status of engine and motor, therefore, the gear shift schedule is another aspect of energy management strategy. Based on the analysis of energy consumption characteristics of HEV components, the gear shift schedule which related with torque allocation strategy is proposed to minimize the fuel consumption of HEV, and then the complete energy manament straegy of HEV is obtained.The control of powertrain which to implement the energy manament straegy is another aspect of vehicle control strategy. The energy manament straegy is implemented by the control of AMT, and electrically driven system is the key distinguish between HEV and convetional vehicle. In parallel-HEV (PHEV) with AMT, the gear-shift is performed...
Keywords/Search Tags:hybrid electric vehicle, energy management strategy, gear-shift schedule, gear-shift control, optimal control, fuzzy logic control, sliding mode control
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