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The Research On The Shift Schedule Of The Gear Box And The Development Of Gear Shift Indicator System

Posted on:2020-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Q XieFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330620958389Subject:Vehicle engineering
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This article discusses how to optimize engine operating points.According to the optimal fuel consumption rate curve,the equal power curve and the driving torque,to the balance between driving resistance and driving force,and the balance between power and economy,the trend of the shifting operating points are analyzed,the fuel consumption and power performance of the shifting operating points are analyzed.Through analysis,it is possible to change the gear position to change the engine operating point,to increase the load rate,and to make the working point close to the optimal fuel consumption curve comprehensively the minimum stable speed and dynamic performance.The shift schedule of dynamic,and economical,and the general,and even the comprehensive shift schedule for different dynamic needs are discussed.According to the optimization requirements of various shifting schedule,the optimization strategy of dynamic and economical power allocation is proposed.And the using of VBA based on Cruise is also researched.It is used to develop corresponding modules to realize the automatic generation of the required shifting schedule.The work efficiency has been greatly improved.According to the balance of dynamic and economic performance,the shifting schedule of different modes are analyzed.The simulation is made to analyzes the impact of different shifting schedule on fuel consumption and power,and this provides a basis for the calibration of shifting schedule.The shift schedule is an important part of the current vehicle development.Mastering this technology is of great significance for vehicle development.This paper discusses the control logic of shifting indicator based on shifting schedule,and discusses several modes of control discusses how to collect data,how to determine parameters,how to make logic,and how to display.The software MATLAB/Simulink which is used to make the control logic is co-simulated with Cruise.Finally the control logic is converted to code to achieve the function of shift indicator.In terms of control logic,the control logic with high enforceability is studied.The state and intention of the driver and the state judgment of the vehicle is logically combed to make the control logic more intelligent.The module of current gear determination and the recommended gear determination and the module of vehicle state determination are set to make the control logic more executable.The simulation is performed using Cruise and Matlab/Simulink,and the improvement of fuel consumption and the rationality of the gear are predicted by simulation.Labview is used to the vehicle driving module,to simulate the driving environment of the vehicle,which access the meter and the acceleration pedal,and drive the vehicle in the virtual environment.The meter simulation simulates the virtual driving environment and provides a reference for the digital vehicle model for the development of the shift indicator system.The hub test verified the fuel economy of the shift indicator system.The scenarios of subjective evaluation include common scenes and intense driving scenarios,as well as abnormal driving scenarios to ensure system accuracy and stability.The shift indicator system can guarantee certain accuracy and stability,solve technical barriers and cost issues,meet regulatory requirements and market requirements,and have mass production feasibility,which has been introduced in vehicle development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Gear Box, Shift schedule, Shift indicator, Control logic
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