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Intellectual Control Of Gear-shift In Vehicle With Automatic Mechanical Transmission System

Posted on:2004-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Q LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360095956923Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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Along with the technical development in science, people have higher request to automobile, the vehicle with automatic transmission can automatically gearshift. Moreover, it can improve dynamic performance,fuel economy and low the amount of exhaust. Automatic Mechanical Transmission as so called AMT, accomplishes automatic gearshift based on manual fixed-shaft and dry clutch, which takes ECU as kernel, and then uses hydraulic system to control clutch, gearshift and manipulates throttle by adopting electronics technique and automatic gearshift theory. As far as the condition of our country, AMT is easy to be accepted by manufacturer due to good inheritance, few expenses for reforming and high performance price ratio. Therefore it has a wide potential to develop.Shift control is an important component of the automatic gearshift technique on vehicle. The performance of entire vehicle is affected directly by the shift-quality. By far the research on this aspect is carrying on all over the world. With the development of electronics technique and control theories (classic control, modern control, intelligence control), a series of control methods have been led into shift control gradually. It has become a trend to design and develop an automatic transmission system with high intelligence, and vehicular intelligent shift turns into the orientation on which gearshift technique will develop. This dissertation works on applying the intelligence technique to accomplish gearshift of AMT.First of all the present status, trend and the history of AMT are summarized in this thesis. It discusses the gear-shift quality in the course of gearshift and uses jerk ,friction-work and gear-shift time to evaluate. According to the characteristic tests of engine, it constructs the steady output torque model and fuel consumption model of engine. The kernel of automatic gear shifting is gear-shift schedule. In this thesis it contrast analyzes gear-shift schedule by parameter, adopts three parameters gear-shift schedule, designs the dynamic gear-shift schedule, economic gear-shift schedule and general gear-shift schedule. Furthermore intelligent shift control thinking and method are introduced detailed, and the intelligence control of fuzzy neural network is led to construct the model of the speed control of engine, the model of decision of shift, the model of clutch joint velocity and the model of the whole AMT gearshift, simulation is carried out. Moreover the design of circuits and software of AMT electrical controlare made. It chooses microcomputer of 80C196KC and designs not only the electric circuit of expand but also software according to the demand of AMT. Because vehicle always works on complicated circumstance, the technique of anti-jamming and dependability is designed and analyzed. Finally, the speed control is analyzed on traditional throttle control and electrical throttle control,and then a control project with new hydraulic system is put forward, it provides a basis for actual application by means of theory analysis and simulation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Automatic Mechanical Transmission, gear-shift quality, gear-shift schedule, Fuzzy neural network, simulation
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