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Reliability Assessment And Residual Service Life Prediction Of Cable-Stayed Bridge

Posted on:2007-01-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z WanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360212959948Subject:Bridge and tunnel project
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Study is expanded enclosing to the subject, 'reliability assessment and residual service life prediction of cable-stayed bridge'. Different methods of reliability assessment from a great deal of references are discussed, and the method based on degree of reliability is more suitable. According to cable-stayed bridge, time-dependent degree of reliability is studied. Then based on it, reliability assessment and residual service life prediction corresponding are developed. The main contents is summarized as following:1. The three geometry non-linearity factors to cable-stayed bridge are discussed and their influences should not be ignored. A finite element model is established for cable-stayed bridge considering the influences of geometry non-linearity and the construction process. Moreover, the finite element model should be modified by information from construction monitoring. The last modified model can reflect the real state of internal force and presents a reasonable basis to numerical reliability analysis.2. The Monte-Carlo stochastic finite element method is presented to analysis load effect of cable-stayed bridge. The results of the method can reflect the nonlinear relationship of load effect and load correctly. Besides, load-effect combinations are established according to different limit states of bridge design and assessment. The combinations present the consistency between calculating degree of reliability and reliability assessment.3. The method based on gray-system theory is presented to predict resistance-deterioration of cable-stayed bridge. The method deals with structure resistance and the main influencing factors of deterioration as a whole system. And the method avoids the disadvantages that traditional prediction methods are based on experience greatly and might not be suitable for some practical structures. So the results of gray-system method are more close to the actual resistance-deterioration trend. Furthermore, in actual appliance, this method should be modified assisting by information from bridge inspection in order to get correct results.4. According to cable-stayed bridge, the limit state formulae for reliability are...
Keywords/Search Tags:cable-stayed bridge, time-dependent degree of reliability, load effect, resistance deterioration, reliability assessment, residual service life prediction
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