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Integrated Optimization Of Tasks And Resources In Constructing Process Of Manufacturing Cooperation Organization

Posted on:2007-02-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H HaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360218457080Subject:Mechanical engineering
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Bsaed on international market, the drastic competitions in manufacturing are outspread omnidirectionally. So it is significative theoretically and realistically to construct predominant manufacturing cooperation organization. In this dissertation, the constructing process of manufacturing cooperation organization is investigated. The whole work is divided into four parts which are studied individually. These include: analyzing of constructing process; optimizing of tasks configurations; integrating of tasks performance parameters optimization and resources deployment; and designing and applying of an application system.The constructing process of manufacturing cooperation organization has a two-direction optimization framework after market characteristics of the process are thoroughly analyzed. One of them is deployment of manufacturing resources, which is called normal optimization. The other is optimization of manufacturing tasks, which is called inverse optimization. These two market activities are combined to form the basic unit of the constructing process. The process is researched based on the clue of optimizing manufacturing tasks and deploying manufacturing resources. It is proposed that optimization of manufacturing tasks is a pivotal driving power to the constructing processThe model of manufacturing tasks granularity is put forward to solve the problem of how to optimize manufacturing tasks configuration. By constructing resources model oriented generalized manufacturing capability, the important factors of resources influencing optimization of tasks configuration are obtained, which is composed by the total collaborating cost, the total process period and the tasks technology scheme. On the basis of the market environment of cooperative manufacturing, the qualitative and quantitative analysis educed mathematic models which reflects relationships between three factors and the layout of tasks granularity. So the optimal values of manufacturing tasks granularity are found out under corresponding conditions. Then the instructional meanings to design task configuration are discussed through concluding three pivotal quantitative relationships. It is emphasized that the historical behaviors and precious accumulated experience of enterprises have an important impact on the optimization of tasks configuration under market environment of cooperative manufacturing.After analyzing characters in the constructing process of optimizing tasks performance parameters and deploying resources, the process configuration of integrated optimization is formed based on the two-direction optimization framework. The model of vector distance and vector distance variance of tasks performance parameters under certain conditions, and interval vector distance under uncertain conditions are brought forward. The mathematic models for optimizing tasks performance parameters are constructed, and mathematic properties of models are discussed. Based on demands of optimizing tasks performance parameters, the macroscopical and microcosmic strategies of genetic algorithm (GA) are analyzed. Based on the process of inverse optimization, the model of deploying manufacturing resources in the normal optimization process is formed too. Accordingly the integration of normal optimization and inverse optimization is carried out. Finally the effectiveness of model and algorithm is validated by emulating examples.Under the background of networked manufacturing of high technology industry region in the middle Shannxi Province, main functions and framework of a supporting system to construct process of networked manufacturing cooperation organization are designed. These key technologies implemented the support system are analyzed. A few theories and methods in this dissertation are validated to be feasible through researching a system applied casus.
Keywords/Search Tags:Constructing Process of Manufacturing Cooperation Organization, Manufacturing Tasks Configuration, Optimization of Manufacturing Tasks Performance Parameters, Optimization Deploying of Manufacturing Resources, Integrated Optimization
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