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Study On The Two-ligand Modified Chitosan Nanoparticles Actively Targeting To Malignant Liver Cells

Posted on:2007-11-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Hepatocarcinoma is the second largest malignant tumor in China. Every year about 110,000 people die from this disease in China, which occupy 40% of the population killed by this disease in the world. Researches on the chemotherapy of liver cancer become more and more important in our country. Now much attention is paid on liver targeted drug delivery system, by which anticancer drugs were accumulated in liver and side effects of chemical agents towards normal tissues and organs were reduced. However, this system could not identify malignant liver cells from hepatocytes. It killed normal cells while it acted on cancer cells. If a drug delivery system is targeted to hepatocarcinoma cells. concentration of drugs in the carcinoma part of liver will be increased and drugs reaching normal liver tissues will be reduced. The treatment index is expected to be further improved.In this research, resveratrol was chosen as the model drug and chitosan as the material of carrier. Chitosan nanoparticles (CS-NP) were prepared. Biotin and avidin ligands were conjugated to CS-NP to form two ligands modified nanoparticles, marked as A-B-CS-NP. At the N terminal of avidin. there are acetyl lactose and mannose residues. A-B-CS-NP could be targeted to li ver through the interaction between avidin and receptors of lactose and mannose on the surface of liver. Avidin and biotin have specific affinity towards cancer cells and therefore will further direct A-B-CS-NP to carcinoma cells. Thus, the erug delivery system actively targeting to malignant liver cells is expected to be achieved.A precipitation method was exploited to prepare CS-NP to ensure the conjugation between biotin and CS. Single factor design was used to optimize the...
Keywords/Search Tags:hepotacarcinoma, active targeted, biotin, avidin, chitosan, nanoparticles
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