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A Study Of The CPC 's Ruling Security In The Period Of Social Transformation

Posted on:2012-02-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The world is undergoing great changes and major adjustments at the present time. World multi-polarization, economic globalization and international financial crisis all have far-reaching influence. Global ideas and cultural communication are showing new characteristics. Competition between comprehensive national forces as well as various kinds of strengths is more and more intense. In China, economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction and ecological building develop all-roundly. With the further promotion of social transformation, China is facing the important strategic opportunity of further development. In the party, the leadership and governance of the Party is fit for the overall historic mission. However, there are some issues within the party that don’t meet the new situations and new tasks and do not meet the Party’s nature and purpose. Such profound changes of world situations, national situations and Party situations have brought new opportunities and challenges. Therefore, in the new historical conditions, in-depth study of the party’s governing security, ruling discipline and the discipline of Party’s scientific development, has important theoretical and practical significance.The paper is divided into six chapters. The first chapter is an introduction section. This part describes the origin and meaning, logical structure, core concept and innovation of the study of CPC ruling security in China in the new period.Chapter two refers to ecological international and ruling security. This chapter elaborates the new international ecological factors that challenge the party’s ruling security based on the analysis of the overall international ecological situation of the new era, which include ideological differences between the international community, fear of the international community derived from China’s peaceful rise, human rights interfere, disrupt of the sovereignty Integrity and so on. Accordingly it is important to put forward the international strategic from the full use of cultural value and reverse osmosis function China’s harmonious culture, expanding the dialogue with the Western developed countries and exchange platform, effectively assuming responsibility as a power, putting attention to the consolidation of friendship with the third world, expanding the world-wide inter-party exchanges to increase mutual understanding and trust and other aspects, so as to consolidate the party’s ruling security.Chapter three refers to domestic ecology and ruling security. This chapter gives a detailed analysis of the party’s national ecological security in the new era. Domestic ecology means the domestic ruling environment of CPC, including economic, political, social aspects and so on. Consolidating the party’s security requires that the ruling system of CPC be adapted to the ecological changes in the domestic ecology and promoting the sound development of the domestic ecology. Thus it is important to take economic development as the center unswervingly, adhere to two basic points unswervingly and adhere to people-centered scientific development concept unswervingly, so as to build a harmonious society.Chapter four refers to the inner-party ecology ruling security. This chapter gives a detailed analysis of the inner-party ecology that affects the ruling security in the new era. Inner-ecology means the inner-ruling environment of CPC, including the desalination of ideals and beliefs of some party members and the decline in party cohesion, the decreasing combat effectiveness of grassroots organizations, change in the style and the deterioration of the governing image, functional constraints caused by non-perfect system, the decrease of the ruling security caused by corruption and its spread. In order to enhance the ruling security of CPC, it is important to strengthen the ideological, organizational, system and style construction of the party, fight corruption and govern according to lawunswervingly.Chapter five refers to the network informationization and ruling security. This chapter gives a deeply analysis on the security of the ruling party challenged by network informationization and its response. The rise of network democracy in the information age shows such features as fictitiousness, equality, openness and so on. Network informationization technology has the functions of expressing the will of public opinion, political socialization and social harmony in the democratic political activities. The ruling security challenges of the Party posed by Network information mainly include the ideology of the party challenged by the network informationization, which may make social control more difficult, and may form a network of social anarchy and the digital divide that further aggravate the polarization. On this basis, this chapter summarizes the experiences of ruling party from the United States, Germany, Britain, India and other nations. Under the condition of the network informationization, it is important to actively promote e-government, speed up network legislation, strengthen cultural development and accelerate information infrastructure so as to consolidate the party’s ruling security.Chapter six refers to the legitimacy and ruling security. This chapter analyzes the problems facing the legitimacy of the Party, the impact its response. This part gives an analysis of the general meaning of legality and the general path to obtain legitimacy, explores the challenges facing the legitimacy of the Party and analyzes the scientific path of opening up the resources of the party’s legitimacy. In order to opening up the resources of the party’s legitimacy, it is important to actively develop economic resources to lay a solid material foundation for the security of the ruling party, vigorously develop political resources to provide reliable political security for the ruling party, effectively develop the party’s organizational resources to provide organizational security for the party’s ruling security and fully develop cultural resources to provide intellectual support and spiritual power for the safety of the Party.
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