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A Study On The Construction Of Ecological Civilization In The Process Of China 's Modernization

Posted on:2016-05-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Since the reform and opening up, China has been accelerating the pace of the construction of socialist modernization in order to catch up with developed counties and to achieve leap forward development. The concept of development is focus on the enhance of economic output and scale and be emphasizing on economic development, which is characterized in rapid industrialization, rapid urbanization and the socialist market economy. This concept is not only influence the formulation of policy and system, but also influence of the social mainstream value concept. In practice, this concept of development can promote the level of development of productive forces and comprehensive national level rapidly, meanwhile it also inevitably lead to ecological degradation and the lack of resources. To solve the current conflicts and promote the healthy development of comprehensive modernization, we must be motivated on the reflection, correction and beyond of the traditional modernization way and select a socialist modernization road of economic development, living well, good ecological, according to the concept of ecological civilization.This paper can be divided into introduction and other five parts. Introduction part concludes problem origin, evaluation research status, significance of the research, the paper’s research methods and ideas, basic concepts and the main points of the paper. The main part firstly introduces the causes of global ecological crisis, and then focuses on the uniqueness, theoretical, practical difficulties, analysis and achievement of objectives of Chinese construction of ecological civilization.Chapter one mainly analyzes the causes of global ecological crisis. This chapter firstly elaborates on the performance of ecological crisis with the perspective of the world modernization, and analyzes the nature and characteristics of the ecological crisis, which concludes the reasonable value, social legitimacy and historical inevitability of ecological civilization.Chapter two mainly analyzes the construction of ecological civilization in the process of modernization of the China. This chapter mainly analyzes the specific characteristics of the contemporary Chinese ecological civilization construction. The chapter set forth the complexity of the historical position of Chinese ecological civilization and the construction and The construction of ecological civilization is a historical category, and it put forward different mission according to the different stages of development objectives.Chapter three mainly analyzes the theoretical resource of Chinese ecological civilization construction. This chapter mainly analyzes the theoretical source of the thought of ecological civilization. Firstly, it is from Marx and Engels’ s thought of ecological civilization. There are abundant ecological thought in Marx and Engels’ s view of nature, they have been aware that the capitalist system is the root of the cause of confrontation between man and nature, and the best way to realize the reconciliation between man and nature is the establishment of the Communist system. Secondly, it is the ecology theory of Marx thought of ecological civilization. Ecological Marxism mainly analyzes the contemporary ecological crisis from the perspective of the combination of Marx doctrine and the ecology. The theory is proposed to eliminate the crisis lies in the establishment of ecological socialism. At last, it is the ecological wisdom of Chinese traditional culture. The ecological wisdom of Chinese traditional culture has a long historical standing, especially the ecological wisdom of Confucianism, Taoism.Chapter four mainly analyzes predicament and the root of Chinese ecological civilization construction. This chapter mainly analyzes the realistic predicament and the lack of main responsibility. This chapter regards that Chinese ecological civilization construction needs the government, enterprises, environmental organizations, individual citizens to carry out. And this chapter also analyzes the economic, political, cultural and social roots of contemporary Chinese ecological crisis.Chapter five mainly analyzes the way of Chinese ecological civilization construction. This chapter states the overall objective, realistic basis and path of ecological civilization construction. the overall objective is adhere to the concept of ecological civilization In the process of modernization; it also analyzes the advantages of Chinese ecological civilization construction and thinks deeply on the way of ecological civilization construction from the aspects of construction of the main functional areas, the development of green industries, the awareness of ecological civilization and improvement of the system of ecological civilization.
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