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Study On The Construction Of Ecological Civilization And The Ideal And Belief Of Socialism

Posted on:2015-11-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y B XiongFull Text:PDF
GTID:1106330464461873Subject:The ideological and political education
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Human beings have been yearning for and pursuing ideal belief, which is the embodiment of one’s world ideology and political stand while fighting for his goal and is the supreme standard while setting up the objective of his life value. Socialism ideal belief is selected by Chinese people and is the practical appealing of "Chinese Dream" being realized by Communism Party of China. Both socialism ideal belief and Chinese dream embody the indispensable connotation of ecology. It is practically significant to study socialism ideal belief from the theory of ecological civilization. The scientificness of basic theory and the degree of mastery of it determine the firmness and faithfulness of belief. And the firm belief in socialism ideal must derive from the maturity of theory.Ecological crisis has threatened human existence and development severely. Ecological crisis is created within capitalism system, so it can’t be conquered within the system. Communism Party of China put forward "striving for the new ear of socialism ecological civilization", which reveals that to eliminate ecological crisis and to establish ecological civilization are not merely to protect the environment in the level of technology, but to establish ideology. Nurturing socialism ideal belief starts from criticism against the sin of capitalism in ecology.China’s ecological civilization is expected to comply with the requirements of socialism ideology, guided by Marxism and socialism with Chinese characteristics. Marxism is the truth not only in social field but also in ecological field by proving the ecological scientificness of Marxism. Socialism is inevitably ecological, and ecology belongs to socialism inevitably, and capitalism will end unavoidably while socialism will win finally by proving the ecological inevitability of socialism. Ecological civilization is superior to Capitalism civilization. Ecological rationality of Chinese road provides the proof that it meets the social development needs and most people’s interest, which will strengthen the belief in reform and opening policy and the trust in the Party and the government. The appealing of socialism for ecological civilization is the concentrated embodiment of socialism ideal belief, which provides solid theoretical support for socialism ideal belief.
Keywords/Search Tags:ecological civilization, ideology, ideal belief, socialism with Chinese characteristics
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