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Research On Synergetic And Competitive Mechanism Of E-commerce Ecological Chains

Posted on:2014-04-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1109330467485024Subject:Information Science
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Since the rapid development of E-commerce from2006, the scale of online purchases has been increasing gradually, and some emerging companies on E-commerce have earned their first fortune in such commerce activities. The effect that E-commerce has on the society economy has also drawn huge attention of plenty of traditional firms. Now they either authorize agents to set up online shops, or found the E-commerce website themselves to offer the service. B2B, B2C, C2C, B2G, various forms of E-commerce thus come into being. Every kind forms such chain which is summarized as "sellers----platform----buyers" or "sellers----buyers", surrounding the E-commerce products. As the number of the node on the chain has been increasing, on one hand, the function among the nodes begins to split apart so that the nodes cooperate with each other for the same benefit; on the other hand, their conflict is more and more increasing that they also have fierce competition for their own benefit. At the same time, the problems that the cooperation and competition bring about are endless. One is that the cooperation can’t continue and come to a hasty end. The other is that the fakes run rampant and both the buyers and sellers complain incessantly. So we need to sort out the synergetic and competitive mechanism of the E-commerce, which will promise the E-commerce’s harmonious development.As a new-born economic activity based on the website, the E-commerce is a part of network information activities. Meanwhile, the chain relationship in the E-commerce is a special form of the ecological chain of the network information. In order to lead the individuals and society to a harmonious development, the information management and the fields pertinent have brought the ecological theory and methods into the area of network information activities to study the issues of the ecological chain of the network information. It is of great importance to guide individuals and social groups to develop coordinately by doing research on the synergic competition mechanism of E-commerce under information ecology.So based on this, this passage will bring the theory of ecology and information ecology into the field of E-commerce, as well as the method, to study the E-commerce ecological chain. Starting from the synergic and competitive mechanism, I will try to reveal the synergic and competitive mechanism of E-commerce ecological chain from these four parts:the connotation and extension, influential factor, action mechanism and game model. According to this, I want to set up a relative perfect research system of synergic competitive mechanism of E-commerce ecological chain.This passage mainly contains: Chapter1:it introduces the background of the topic and the significance, current situation, goal and content of the research, together with the innovation, research methods and technical route.Chapter2:it will discuss the theoretical foundation on the synergic competition of E-commerce ecological chain. The concept of E-commerce ecological chain is defined and its length and the width as well as the structure and the operating procedure are also analyzed. Besides, I will also sort out the types of the E-commerce ecological chain.Chapter3:it will discuss the basic theory on the synergic competition of the E-commerce ecological chain. I mainly discuss about the connotation and extension of the synergic competition and especially analyze the forms.Chapter4:it will discuss the influential factor and the law of the synergic competition of the Ecologic chain. It will also talk about the influence which some factors have on the synergic competition. The factors include the resource status of the chain, the node E-commerce niche, the particularity of different chain, the node’s strategy factor, the properties of the E-commerce products and the policy and system of E-commerce. At last, it summarized the law of the synergic competition.Chapter5:it will discuss about the effect and result that synergic competition bring about. It mainly contains the different effect that simple collaboration, antagonistic competition and both synergism and competition have on the producers of the E-commerce products, the carriers of E-commerce and the customers in the chain.Chapter6:a game model will be set up for the synergic competition. According to the game theory, I want to study the game process of the synergism and competition among the nodes of same level, different levels and among the chains. I hope strategic options on the synergic competition of the E-commerce ecological chain can be come up with on the basis of the game outcomes.Chapter7:make a conclusion of this passage and point out the problems which still need to study.
Keywords/Search Tags:E-commerce ecological chain, syneigic competition, influential factors, gamemodel
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