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A Study On The Animal Husbandry In The Song Dynasty

Posted on:2008-03-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The Song Dynasty was the period during which Chinese ancient economy was greatly developed. As an important part, animal husbandry made a great contribution to the Song Dynasty economic development. animal husbandry in the Song Dynasty shrank a little compared with its previous dynasties and its surrounded regimes, while it still kept developing in some fields. Animal husbandry had made greater progress in its quantity, especially in animal-raising and managing technologies. The government paid much attention to husbandry development and installed managing mechanisms from Center to Locality.The government promulgated a series of decrees. These decrees restrained and standardized the behavior of herdsmen, guaranteed husbandry normal development.With the attachment of the government, official husbandry developed greatly, and supervisory committee ever raised more than 200,000 horses. The achievement in raising cattle and sheep was elegant.Personal husbandry was made great achievements and was quite prosperous. Husbandry, as a kind of sideline, was one of the important economies. More progress was made in livestock technology of livestock-raising, breeds-improving, veterinarian, livestock-judging. Many new kinds of animals were bred and imported. For example, newborn sheep in Yingzhou, Guangnan Region, Haying sheep) in Liangzhe Region, Fuji hens in Jingdong Region, Changing cock in Guangnan Region. Artificial muting technique was used in the reproduction of homes tic animals. Lukewarm water and lukewarm fire, an artificial incubation technique to improve temperature, were also used in incubation of homes tic animals. All of the above techniques were the first time to use in Chinese history, which greatly promoted the development of husbandry.In a word, as an indivisible part of the Song Dynasty economy, husbandry provided livestock products for agriculture and transport,provided raw material for war industry and handicraft, provided meat, eggs, milk for food and drink service, provided rare medicinal herbs for medical and health cause. The Song Dynasty husbandry promoted the development of livestock trade, slaughter industry, food and drink service, military manufacturing industry, leather processing industry, wool spinning industry, wine-making industry and pen-making industry. It promoted the prosperity of commodity economy.
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