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Chinese Communist Party Cultural Studies

Posted on:2012-03-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Culture is the political parties an important component of soft power. Inner-party culture is the soul and the banner of the party and advanced Inner-party culture is the main body and the core of socialist advanced culture. The reason why we proposed to strengthen Inner-party cultural studies of the Chinese Communist Party, not only because of its founding experiences and theories, but also because to promote the thinking innovation and the understanding of the law during the party's construction of the new project in the new historical conditions. As a fundamental issue of the overall layout of the party's construction of the new project, Inner-party culture is not only its soul and banner which point out the way forward, but also the most fundamental component as well as the impetus and driving force of the project, a direct impact on the project of advancing. As an overall problem influencing the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Inner-party culture is not only related to the direction of development, but also related to the ideas and driving force for developing, developing layout and developing environment.Today, in order to build a socialist core values system oriented to promote the development of the socialist culture, strengthen Inner-party cultural studies have become very urgent matter in the following aspects, pushing forward the construction of advanced culture, strengthening the Inner-party cultural soft power and legitimacy to govern, maintaining the political system operate sequentially and stable, deepening understanding of the law of the Chinese Communist Party's governing, promoting the party's construction of the new project with the spirit of reform and innovation, enhancing the party's creativity and combat effectiveness, ensuring that our party always represents the forward direction of china's advanced culture, leading the building of socialist advanced culture by party's advanced culture, playing the role of education and guidance as well as encouraging and cohesion on the masses both inside and outside the party by advanced Inner-party culture, forming the common ideological basis for the masses.Besides, strengthen Inner-party cultural studies is the objective needs for in-depth summary of the party-founding experiences and profound answers to deep problems of party building, the only way to deepen understanding of the law of party building, the lessons learned and theory of sublimation during the building of advanced party, the objective requirements of deepen understanding of improving the party's governing ability and promoting the party's construction of the new project with the spirit of reform and innovation, the urgent requirement to adapt to the party's development at new era and to complete the building of the party's historical mission, the important revelation to sum up the success or failure of modern political parties.Based on this, this article from the definition of Inner-party culture proceeding to the comprehensive study of Inner-party culture functional characteristics, strategic position, internal mechanism, historical evolution and transformation, construction experiences and law as well as the essential requirement, tasks and the main path of the building of party's advanced culture at future. Full-text includes introduction, body and concluding remarks as follows.Introduction focused on several aspects on Inner-party cultural studies such as research background, research significance, ideas and methods, difficulties, innovations and inadequate.Chapter One from the definition of Inner-party culture put forward that Inner-party culture is the sum of the values system promoted by political parties to achieve its goals as well as the values reflected by the party organizations and members who have universal values and stable patterns of behavior in practice. Accordingly, Inner-party culture includes three basic elements, such as party's values system; the universal values exist in the majority of party organizations and members, the values reflected from theirs'stable patterns of behavior in practice. Inner-party culture concludes five carriers, such as material carrier, system carrier, psychological carrier, conduct and activities carrier. Besides, Inner-party culture has eight functions, such as values integration, and image-building, building organizations, developed a system, political indoctrination and uniting the people, to lead the society, appeal and attract people. Also, Inner-party culture has seven characteristics, such as a class character and the people of the unity, the unity of scientific and critical, inheritance and innovation of the unity, the ideal and the reality of the unity, the unity of the dominant and inclusive, closed and open of the unity, stability and variability of the unity. This chapter also does historical and dialectical research on the formation mechanism, operation mechanism and developing mechanism of Inner-party culture.Chapter Two divides the history of the evolution of Inner-party culture into three major stages, the construction of the new-democratic revolution, the construction of the socialist revolution and construction, the construction of reform and opening up and socialist modernization construction period. According to the development and changes of Inner-party culture at different historical periods, it is divided into eleven detailed stage. On this basis, this chapter sums up four major transformations experienced by Inner-party culture during past nine decades, from the revolutionary party's culture to ruling Inner-party culture, from the ethics-oriented culture to the ethics-legal culture, from heavy-centralism and light-democratic culture to the two both important, from the collective interest-oriented culture to the collective and individual interests of the unity. The end, some basic experiences and historical inspirations on the construction of Inner-party culture are summed.Chapter Three presents that the construction of Inner-party culture is a process of the purpose and the regularity of the unity. Chinese Communist Inner-party cultural construction should not only reflect the law of cultural construction and modern political parties'cultural construction, but also reflect the nature of the Marxist political parties. Besides, our Inner-party cultural construction should suite with China's actual conditions. Because of the reason mentioned above, this chapter focuses on the basic law of cultural construction and modern political parties'cultural construction. And on this basis, it has studied and summed up the basic law of the Chinese Communist Inner-party cultural construction.Chapter Four sets out that the construction of advanced Inner-party culture is a progressive process. In the current and future periods, Inner-party cultural construction should learn from the experiences and lessons drawn in practice. Also, referring to the essential attribute of the Marxist ruling party and the basic law of Inner-party cultural construction, the construction should reflect the essential requirements of advanced Inner-party culture as follows: embodying the party's advanced characteristics, in line with the historical developing trends, to meet the development needs of practice, representing people's interests and maintaining the national ethos, showing the global strategic vision. Advanced Inner-party culture plays different roles in many aspects, such as driving-role to the construction of socialist advanced culture, the role of protection of national cultural security, the role of promoting the construction of party's new great project, the leading role to the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the models of the building of a harmony world. In order to realize above roles, Inner-party cultural construction should complete several tasks as follows: building the party's core value system, training all levels of party organizations and members of their values concepts and behavior. On the path to construct the Inner-party culture, we should adhere to the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, vigorously promoting the Marxist-oriented new development in China, and resolutely resisting all kinds of wrong and decadent thinking, breaking the hidden rules within the party beginning with the reform of institutional mechanisms, improving party's system and paying attention to the institutional ethics, carrying forward the party's fine traditions and cultivating a new Atmosphere, promoting the party's governance reform and innovation, playing the main role of the party members, attention to the leading role played by party organizations at all levels, playing as the platform of education ,media, performance and system.Concluding remarks highlights that we should maintain a sense of anxiety, and always hold the thinking of the prosperity of our party, to continue to improve the construction level of advanced Inner-party culture, and continuously maintain and develop the party's advanced nature and improve the party's governing capacity, and consolidate the party's ruling position, and complete the historical mission of the party.
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