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The Logic Of Representation

Posted on:2012-09-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116330368479986Subject:Political Theory
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In modern society representation is a way to achieve democratic ideals. Before the advent of representative democracy in the Middle Ages, the concept of the representative has to be there and is widely used and gained political importance. It can be said that in Western political history, representative democracy is a main line through the concept and its political theory and practice. In contrast contemporary China, the development of socialist democratic politics with Chinese characteristics, China is building a modern state is an important strategic plan. China's people's congress system is the representative system with Chinese characteristics, is currently in the process of development and perfection. In this process, people are the masters how to further implement the concept of socialist democracy to the system level and practical level, we need to take seriously the theory and research representatives. This paper attempts to tease out theoretical research on behalf of the representative of the basic logic.Thesis is divided into five parts:First, representation and democracy is inseparable from its basic Relationships. Although "representative democracy" is a natural combination of two concepts, but as a political theory, democracy and representation between the very complex relationship. Historically, the two have not synchronized, the combination between the two is merely a modern thing. But the representative system is the ultimate in large-scale democracy in the political community played a pivotal role.The second chapter research the concept representative. Involving representatives of the concept of a series of basic questions: who was the representative, represent what, how represent, what is good representatives,etc. The different answers to these questions, reflecting the different representatives of philosophy, has also created a variety of classification .The third part discusses the representation of history of disadvantaged groups,. Historically disadvantaged groups can be called minorities, marginalized groups, including racial minorities, ethnic minorities, women's groups and so on. Phillips, Williams, Mansbridge,Young, etc are the main reseachers. These researchers believe that disadvantaged groups in history have suffered or are suffering from inadequate representation of institutional discrimination, for justice, to enhance the legitimacy of the political system to promote minority groups and the community, the integration between countries should increase their political representation. Focus on descriptive representation and substantive representation of relations, but also the formation of a large number of research literature. Debate focused on the advantages and disadvantages of descriptive representatives, whether descriptive representatives can contribute to the substantive representation.The fourth part of the paper discussed the problem of a good representative.Finally, the paper discusses the problem of non-election of the representatives. The representatives with the acceleration of globalization, nation-states as the main form of organization has been increasingly challenging the dominant democray. Representatives of non-elective focus on the scope of the representation of the ecological environment and future generations on behalf of issues.
Keywords/Search Tags:Concept of representation, descriptive representation, substantive representation, good representative, non-elective representation
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