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China Sustainable Agricultural Development:Objectives,Problems And Countermeasures

Posted on:2001-01-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Sustainable development (SD) was initially put forward in 1987. Its basic meaning is "meet the developing demand of this generation, as well as not detriment the following generations". It emphasizes the harmony between population, resources, environment, economic and social development, and demands the developing realization of both the present society and the future ones. Therefore, once put forward, this concept was attached great importance from home and abroad, and it also arose a hot research wind. In 1992, SD became a development strategy of many countries in the UNCED. Agriculture is the basic business relating to the existing and welfare of human being, so it is very essential to a society. Without the SD of agriculture, there would never be a SD of human economical society. In short, SAD is the basis for the whole SD, which is the reason why many countries pay much attention to it. However, they are confronted with not a many barriers, especially the developing countries that are in hot waters during the course of SAD.In China, 《China Agenda 21》 has regarded SD as the basic way for agricultural development. It also pointed out that SD of agricultural and rural development is the basic safeguard and initial area of China. On the other hand, although great achievements have been made since reform and opening-up, 22% of the population of the world has been lived on the 7% of the arable lands, the long-term development of agriculture in China has deep potential defects. The production capability of agriculture is very low, and the agriculture basis is weak. What's more, there are a series of problems, like agricultural resources lapse, exacerbating ecology, the widening income gap between city and rural areas. Confronted with the growing population, decreasing arable lands, increasing consumption per capita and the entry to WTO, we have to cope with the urgent actual problems-how to realize SAD. Therefore, the research into it is of great importance of both theory and practice.This dissertation aims to have a systematic research into SAD, so, the thoughts of this dissertation are "theory-objectives-problems-countermeasures": firstly, we discussed the basic theory of SAD, then we made the objectives of China Sustainable Agricultural Development(CSAD), and put forward the problems and the countermeasures. The structure is the following:Part 1 discusses the basic theory of SAD. It aims at combing the basic theory and thoughts of SD and SAD in order to provide theory basis for discuss. Through the perspectives of the different views about SD and the progress the theory develops, we think the basic thoughts of SD lies in the SD of economic society by means of sustainable application of the resources and environment. It basically includes the following three inter-relative parts: sustainable application of resources and environment, economical SD and social SD. Through the perspective of agriculture developing frame and SAD, we think SAD has the properties: harmonious, equal, manageable and sustainable. Its basically concludes sustainable application of agriculture natural resources and environment, agriculture SD and social SD. Its objectives include sustainable application of natural resources, increasing agriculture production capability to meet the demand of society and increasing production efficiency to shrift resources application, as well as guarantee the farmers to get equal returns to maintain self-maintain and self-development. In this part, we also did the following three: first, classifying definitely the origin and development of the thoughts, which is beneficial to the understanding of it. Second, we find that LISA and HESA are not really SAD models, but its alternative ones. Third, we make short evaluation over the three strategy objectives put forward by FAO in 1991. We think the present SAD objectives of our country are not proper.Part 2 discusses the objectives of SAD in China and its evaluation. We think 《China Agenda 21》 don't make a definite classification about it. In this...
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