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The World Trade Organization (wto) - The General Agreement On Trade In Services (gats) Under The Cross-strait Insurance Market

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The World Trade Organization (WTO), The heavyweight totemic symbol governing 90% up trading activities out of 134 countries/regiona throughout the world, has functioned as tremendous momentum in materializing the spirit of free trade and stimulating regional integration. Amidst the inevitable and mounting chaos and provocationin the world order, environmental pretectionism, labor disputes, widening gaps between the rich and poor, WTO remains to be an indispensable ust? The top tasks lying ahead of us are how to live up to the trends with concrete efforts toward economic modernization.By the historical coincidence, China is the condition of ne country four memberships?under WTO inthe future. Cross-straits have aspired toward the common goals toward liberalization and globalization to enter the camps of the mainstreams of the world economy. What fate will they meet -- gian or loss, once they successfully enter this world organization of WTO? The answer to this question heavily depends upon how they deal with challenges and whether they are fully aware of the rules, procedures and how they actually operate.Insurance plays the pivotal role in financial services today and features the functions to scatter resks, critically linked to internationalization. As the global frameworks have come into being, insurers on Cross-straits are advised to timely swim with the tide to become the key player in the bullish markets.This essay consists of seven chapters:Chapter One: Introduction.Section 1 :Motivations and purposes of the study.Section 2 :Scope and restrictions in the study.Section 3 :Study methods and frameworks.Chapter Two f Development of word econoIhic orgazization.Section 1 fOrigin of world economic organization, elucidating the trends ofinternational economy integration and the global and regionaldevelopment trends today.Section 2 fThe styles and functions of the worid econoAnc organization, thevicissitude in line of environments, times and their structuralfunctions in those organizations fOrmed to help solve investment,finance and trade related problems, e.g., Intemational Monetary Fund(IMF), Worid Bank (WB) and frOm Intemational Trade Organization(ITO), General Agreement on TariffS and Trade (GArn to WoridTrade Organization (WTO),These organizations are incrcasinglyinterrelated in functions.ChaPter ThxefDeveloPment of trade in services.Section l iAn overview of imde in services.Section 2 fRelationship bctween the trade in services and W'TO.Section 3 tFrameworks of the Genend Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS),including substantial regulations, procedural regulations and OPtiona1regulations.Section 4f GATS govemed modes, and Principle of XIFN' national treatment'full-disclosure' step-by-step liberalization.ChaPter FourfThe role played by insurance in financial services.Sectlon 1iThe insurance's functions in finance.Section 2f Insurance positioned in overall finance in vedous countris.Section 3f Insurance positioned inoverall finance betxteen Cross-straitsSection 4:Future trCnds in insurance services.ChaPter FivefInsurance markets under trade in services.Section lf Norms and gaPs of insurance markets.Section 2iInsurance services under GATS.Section 3fAn overview of insurance markets in development and dcvelopingcountnes.Chapter SixfCompetition and cooperation betwecn Cross-straits insurancemarkets.Section 1(A talk beginning on Cross--straits' enter into W'TO.Section 2tInsurance markets in Cross-straits.Section 3:Close teamwork between Cross--straits in insurance market.Section 4f ComPetition and conflicts between Cross-straits in insurance market.Chapter SevenfConclusions and Proposals.
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