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Employee Stock Ownership Institution And The Reform Of State-Owned Enterprises

Posted on:2002-08-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z X YinFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360032953305Subject:Engineering and Engineering Management
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The topic of this dissertation is employee stock ownership institution?s important signification and function in the process of The reform of statewned enterprises in China. The development of employee stock ownership institution has gone to internationalization in the view of the world , it is a sort of very effective institution proved by much practice. Being a sort of institution accepted by many countries in the world, employee stock ownership institution adapts the two goals of government s management and development of the enterprise. Thereinto, inspiriting function of employee stock ownership institution has quite obvious effect on the exaltation of the enterprise?s managing achievement , this is an important cause that employee stock ownership institution has been popularized rapidly. The reform of the SOES has gone with the experiments of employee stock ownership institution and come down to the various kinds of enterprises. The employees have the dual identities of investors and laborers. In these enterprises, it has materialized the stronger independent and joining consciousness, and promoted the perfect of the management and administration of the enterprise. After the report of ?The l5~ Plenary Congress of Chinese Communist Party?definitely pointed employee stock ownership institution was one of effective patterns of public owned system, employee stock ownership institution has been rapidly developed and perfected. According to the experiment and development of employee stock ownership institution in China, we can foresee, it will he accepted in the more extensive extension, and will produce grave influence to the economical development in China. Therefore, the study in employee stock ownership institution is the great problem of theory and realism affronted by us in the process of deep development of the Reform of SOES. The author has synthetically discussed the topic of the thesis According to the basic theories of management and economics. The thesis has seven chapters , and its basic content is the following. 1 Introduction This sect ion mainly hounds the analyzed objects, puts forward and analyses the problems, and touches off the analyzing frame of the thesis. On the foundation of hounding thu. meaning of the analyzed objects of the thesis ,the author analyses the causes of lower efficiency in the SOES before the reform and opening and the existing problems of reform in the SUES. The author pointed that , Gone twenty years, the reform has acquired more obvious achievement. Nevertheless, the lower efficiency in the SUES hasn't been radically changed ,many problems of deepening the reform of SOES have not resolved in deed yet. The twenty years?practice of the reform of the SOES proves we must deepen the reform of the SOES by innovating systematically institution, so we can resolve the problems. but it is noticeable that the thought basically follows the capital logic. According to the thought of the capital logic, not only establishing modern enterprise institution has been faced with the challenge in theory, but also the practice proved it must not be the optimization in arranging enterprise ownership. The thought of the reform fitted the situation of our country should be the better combination of the capital logic and labor logic. So the managers will become the mainly parts of enterprise fathering structure, and the laborers become active participators by participating in the distribution of enterprise...
Keywords/Search Tags:State-Owned enterprises, Employee Stock Ownership Institution, The Capital logic, The labor logic, The Co-governance model, Demonstrative analysis
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