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Research On The Question Of Financing Of Technology Innovation In China

Posted on:2003-08-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360065461497Subject:Agricultural economic management
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Nowadays, a new science and technology revolution is raising. Development of science and technology has become the most significant factor that promote economy and society developing. Science and technology develop faster and factor. The period of high-new technology effort turn into commodity is shorter and shorter. With the scale permeating and turning for from high-new technology to economy and society larger and larger, new science and technology industrial that of concentrated technology and wisdom emerge in large numbers, and that has become forerunner and pillar of economy development.In view of this, promotion research on science and technology innovation and accelerate pace of high-new technology industrial is the basic way to accelerate development of china economy and improve national competition, so to revive Ch. people. China has made carry out "flourishing by science and education" strategy, "strengthen technology innovation, develop high-new science and technology, realize industrial" as mean task of government. After economy system reform, our government make marked social and economic benefit through research and investment on "863"plan, spark plan, torch plan and so on. While, the level and speed of domestic science and technology industrial is lower that of developed countries, that is because of short of finance support. Mean contents:1.Research on the essential theory of financing of technology innovation. In this part, defining for technology innovation concept with a rich meaning, not only including opening up new product, occupying new market and realizing market value industrial, but also emphasized enterprise is the principal part of technology innovation. Through research on the theory of domestic and foreign technology innovation, induce the require of technology innovation be successful, point that financing environment is a important require of technology innovation be successful. By the theory of financing of enterprises guiding, making designs for comment system and comment way of financing of technology innovation effect.2.Domestic and foreign financing of technology innovation practice and comparison. Through research on domestic and foreign financing of technology innovation practice, after inducing and regulation , use of comparison analysis, comparing practice of financing of technology innovation in different countries, finding common ground and point the gap that china situation to them.3.Developing domestic technology innovation. Using of classic theory of technology innovation and economy development, analysis of the relationship of technology innovation and economy development. Using of reference of foreign technology innovation policy, making designs of domestic technology innovation policy system.4.Analysis of way of domestic financing of technology innovation, meanly analysis principle part of technology innovation-enterprises (especial small-and-medium-sized enterprises'of science and technology). Using comparison analysis of sorts of financing way, inducing parts' advantage and disadvantage.5.Developing venture capital. Development of venture capital largely improve the development of technology innovation in foreign. Using for reference of foreign practice, point the thinking of developing domestic venture capital modes choice.6.The second board market and technology innovation. The second board market is a important component of financing of technology innovation system, has not raising indomestic. The study analyse the necessary and the possibility. Point the proposition of erect domestic second board marketT.Improving thinking and recommend of domestic financing of technology innovation. The study point out the proposition of 21 century domestic financing of technology innovation system, and the thinking and recommend of how to realize the proposition.In view of this situation, this thesis make a system study on theory of domestic financing of technology innovation. This study firstly cleared small-and-medium-sized enterprises as resea...
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