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Research On Developing Scale Economies And Cultivating Competitive Advantage Of Township And Village Enterprises

Posted on:2003-05-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:M Q ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360065462170Subject:Agricultural mechanization project
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By middle stage of 90s of 20 century,TVE(township and village enterprise) kept fast development and played an outstanding role in developing rural economies,increasing farmers' income.settling rural employment, developing manufacturing industry,expanding commodities export and enhancing our integrated national power.But in recent years,with the change of outside sitution.especially market economies system' supply and demand status's turnabout,China's entrance to WTO,etc.,TVEs sustainable development is facing serious embarrassment.This state is a objective reflection of poor management and weak core can't be solved by property rights' reform,Thereinto,industrial organization and scale economies has important significance in theory and practice from inside and outside status.The thesis discuss five main problems concerned:The aim of developing Scale economies and optimizing industrial organization's is to advance TVEs core competence and competition ad vantage. Based on summarizing competition strategy theory and core competence theory.the thesis indicate that theirs comtributions,unilateralism and relations between them,and put forward competition strategy on core competence and scale economies.afterwards,the thesis looks back briefly TVEs development process.and analyze its competition environment,comparative advantage and adverse position.then builds TVEs competitive strategy framework based on classical strategies and theirs evolutive trend.Theoretic analyses is fundamental to carry out scale economies strategy.The thesis insists on scale economies' universal and importance,and points out differences and links between scale returns and scale economiesjBased on concerned research fruits,the thesis ulteriorly rectify connation and extention of scale economies.and discusses systemically its origination,effect,utilization,survey and key factors.After commenting on a few different school points, The thesis finds out best scale's correct locaton.and thinks that enterprise's best scale results in market's choice,auto-organizing and playing games among enterprises.In the end,the thesis studies forms and approaches of scale economies actualization during knowledge economies times.Industrial organization status and scale economies state is a start to implement strategy. Beginning with analyzing Sunan mode and Wenzhou mode's evolution,the thesis points out that scale-up and conglomeration is a basic tendency of TVEs developmentFollowing that,industrial structure and industrial organization are inquisited,and TVEs' increase decomposed and scale returns state judged based on reasonably adjusted statistics data and econometrics method.Using industry economics method,the thesis demonstrate industrial scale economies status.In the end,TVEs industrial scale validity is evaluated,and scale economies's discrepancy between TVE and SOB is compared.Scientific decision-making and effectively execution is key to scale economy strategy.firstly.the thesis analyze basic principles,industry choice.investment decision-making to TVEs.By taking Glanzes as an examples,the thesis discuss basic factors to its success.then two questions are studied, one is financing problem.traditional financing ways restrict TVEs fast development.In order to achieve scale economies,financing innovation must be advanced.thereinto.assets-operating is a short cut to gain scale economies.the other is organization innovation.the thesis principally analyze TVEs establishment policy.industry structure, distribution,properity rights and administration,scale and scope economies,and bring forward underpinning terms to its well development.Effect appraise is a guarantee to execute strategy control and reach strategy aim.the thesis firstly gives a general process of strategy control.then analyzes TVEs probable risk factors encountered,and sets up a appraise index system of scale economy strategy. By seting home electricity appliances industry as an example,the thesis compares and remarks 15 enterprises scale economies.Finally counter...
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